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Kundali is the birth chart prepared by astrologers when a person is born. The birth chart is prepared based on the time a person is born, thus defining the different planetary positions. Here at Kundali Expert, astrological advice based on the present planetary positions of a person is provided as Kundali Expert have the Best Astrologers in Delhi and also provide guidance on how to improve and strengthen the favourable planets. Kundali Expert is one of the World Famous Astrologer, we not only make predictions looking into horoscopes but also do predictions through palmistry, numerology. As the planets and stars keep on moving constantly, this movement causes a certain amount of affect in our lives. Astrologer K.M Sinha, is one of the Astrologer Near Me and under his guidance astrological predictions and their remedies are provided.

"Destiny is not about stars alone, the benefit of guidance helps you take the right path to success."
Kundali Expert try to improve and strengthen the affects of different planets on one’s life. Some of the services offered at Kundali Expert include-


Panchang means five limbs i.e. naal, tithi, nakshatram, yogam and Karanam. and is a very useful Hindu astrological guide. Kundali Expert , a customised panchang is made based on the date time and place of a person and based on the position of different planets, Kundali Expert provides them information about the auspicious time to start a particular work, travel, purchase a new asset or start a new venture.


The birth chart of a person is prepared based on the time, place and date and this astrological chart is known as horoscope. Astrological advice is provided based on the persons zodiac sign. The position of the sun at the time when one is born determines the zodiac sign of a person. Kundali Expert, guides one about oneself as these signs play a vital role in one’s overall personality. Kundali Expert not only provides a yearly horoscope but also provides daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.


At Kundali Expert, palmistry experts make predictions by analysing the pattern of lines, marks on the hands and fingers. The palmist by reading the lines on the hands or palm can tell about the personality, interests and future the person.


Like astrology and palmistry, Kundali Expert also provide prediction of future through numerology. Numerology experts use the date of birth and name of an individual to unlock the secrets that the number holds.


Astrological experts prepare a graphical representation of the planetary positions of the person at the time of birth. Future predictions based on the present planetary positions are made. Experts can predict auspicious or inauspicious results through Kundali reading. Free of cost kundali chart preparation is also offered by Kundali Expert - KM Sinha, one just needs to provide the date, time ,name and place of birth of the person whose kundali has to be made.


Prediction and full kundali analysis services is also provided at Kundali Expert. One just needs to pay a nominal amount to get personalised consultation. This consultation charges is valid for one year and anytime during the year they can contact our astrological experts and get their queries resolved. The information between Kundali Expert and client is kept absolutely confidential.

The calculations are based on the movements of the planets, their transition, and the corresponding psychological and environmental effects on the individual.

Astrological Consultation by Kundali Expert - KM Sinha

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Career Astrology

One of the most important aspects of life is choosing the right career which would help in building up one’s dreams and aspirations. Kundali Expert provides you with the best career astrologer in Delhi who will guide you choose the right profession based on the position of different planets according to your birth chart. World famous astrologer in Delhi KM Sinha Ji also provides insights related to change in professions, right time to take a particular move or decision for favourable career opportunities.

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Palmistry Consultation

One of the most genuine astrologer in Delhi, KM Sinha also makes future predictions by reading the lines on the palm. Online palmistry consultancy is also offered by KM Sinha Ji, through which one can get benefited in different aspects of life. Remedies to ward off any future misfortune in the future is also provided to safeguard and achieve a successful life. To get a insight of your future through palmistry get in touch with KM Sinha Ji from any part of the world and get a detailed and reliable analysis of your future.

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Relationship Astrology

Through relationship astrology, KM Sinha, guides one about the relationship status and compatibility of different people in one’s life. By looking into the birth charts, unique relationship you will maintain with your love life, best friends, family members and how you can maintain the stability in these relationships would be defined in detail. So that you can maintain love and cordial relationship in all your relations.

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Finance/ Business Consultation

World famous astrologer, KM Sinha Ji, also offer consultation regarding financial and business perspectives. By analysing the birth chart, he can help you to choose the right profession or job which would help you in achieving your goals. Guidance for making decisions regarding the right time to make financial investments, change or addition of business operations which would be beneficial for you would also be provided. It helps in enhancing your work abilities. Remedial measures to solve any finance or business problems is also offered by Best Astrologer in Delhi - KM Sinha.

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Vaastu Consultation

Famous vaastu consultant in Delhi-NCR - KM Sinha, offers expert advice relating to the science of architecture i.e. the direction of workplace, residence , colours used within the rooms which would be favourable for you and help you attain your targets. A depth analysis of the floor plan and physical inspection is made of the place to identify and modify any negative impacts and create a positive vibration which will help in bringing good luck and fortune. The suitable colours and placement of different rooms according to birth chart is also provided under vaastu consultation.

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Accurate Prediction

Genuine Astrologer in Delhi KM Sinha, is known to make the most accurate predictions based on birth charts. You can visit his YouTube channnel to watch more than 345 true predictions yet in Feb. 2020. He is master of prediction for politics, international issues and many more topics. Live chat, instant consultation, consultation on phone and online consultation services are available to help you avail your queries relating to any aspects of your life. Feeling down in your life - Must consult Genuine Astrologer in Delhi (KM Sinha).
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