12th House In Astrology by KM Sinha

12th House In Astrology by KM Sinha

Also known as the house of Moksha or enlightenment, the twelfth house in Vedic astrology determines an individual’s karmic cycle i.e. the circle of life and death.

This house represents the subconscious mind and how an individual detaches itself from all physical and materialistic things and moves towards attaining liberty from worldly attachments.

 An important house for people who seek enlightenment or already following this path like monks and sages. The significance of this house is an individual’s ability to renounce all worldly affairs and follow a spiritual path.

These individuals tend to be very generous and kind-hearted and help others without any expectations. The body parts associated with this house are feet and ankles. 

Effects of planets in the twelfth house

Sun- Individuals possess a spiritual inclination and strive towards remodeling their character knowingly or unknowingly which they have got from their previous lives. Hardworking and striving towards achieving their goals, these individuals are very disciplined and perform their duties efficiently.

Moon-  Moon in the twelfth house reflects that the individual would be fickle-minded and also jealous of the success of others. Their marital life would also face ill effects and can lead to extramarital affairs causing harm to one’s reputation.

Mars- Mars in the twelfth house might cause an individual with unwanted expenditures and losses due to the use of unfair practices or fraud. Misunderstandings and separation from a spouse are also possible. 

Mercury- An inclination towards studying astrology, spirituality, and religion, these individuals possess a great sense of intubation and imagination qualities. These individuals tend to create enemies through their words of speech, so they should be very careful while depicting their views. 

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Jupiter- One of the most celestial positions, individuals with Jupiter in the twelfth house are blessed with generous stole and stable life. Possessing a humanitarian approach these individuals tend to offer help to others without any return or expectations. 

Venus-  An individual with a compassionate nature, these individuals like to live their lives in seclusion. They do not like to project their joys or sorrows with other people and have an inclination towards psychic realms. These individuals tend to face problems in both their personal and professional life.

Saturn- Saturn in the twelfth house might cause difficulties in the individual’s life but bring out a stronger personality in the individual. These individuals work hard but do not seek the requirement of worldly recognition and are happy in a state of solitude.

Rahu-  Rahu positioned in the twelfth house causes negative impacts on an individual’s life such as jail or hospitalization causing huge expenditures. The rewards of success and hard work would be achieved after facing a lot of obstacles. 

Ketu- Individuals would possess an inclination towards spirituality and religion. With great debating qualities, these individuals would have an unpredictable nature. These individuals tend to suffer from health issues which might lead them to hospitalization and rise in unwanted expenditures.

These are some important planets effect on the twelfth house in Vedic astrology.

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