Happy Akshaya Tritiya day

Akshaya Tritiya Puja timing: 5:40:13 to 12:17:35: hours

Akha Teej is a month-long festival observed in the month of Vaishakh (the third Hindu date of the bright half of the Hindu month Vaishakh). It is a big festival for the Hindu community.What we offer now would give the results in the future. It is a Sanskrit word. (Tris means third.)

Akshaya Tritiya.

  1. Tritiya Tithi is celebrated on the day when Tithi is prevalent during the light half of Vaishakh.
  2. If Tritiya is covering the Purvahan of 2 consecutive days, second day would be considered as the case. However, certain people assume that it should only be celebrated under such circumstances. For more than 3 months, Tritiya Tithi must reign.
  3. If Akshay Trutiya happens on Monday or Wednesday, the auspiciousness rises dramatically.

It is not that complicated to do a puja. Perform a home puja to Akshaya Tritiya.

  1. The one who watches quick will be wearing yellow clothes early in the morning.
  2. Clean the Vishnu at home. Shiva is an ideal to emulate and then give to God, Shiva.
  3. Light incense, Ghee wick candle, and put on a yellow cushion.
  4. You should even recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Vishnu Chalisa.
  5. End with a prayer to Lord Vishnu.
  6. Through this, whenever the worshipper gives gifts to the poor, it would have tremendous benefits.

Take yellow Halwa if it is challenging to fast the entire day.

These Hindu mythological figures are reported to have emerged on this day. That is why some people sell Garlic or Onion, soft Okra, and soaked Chickpeas to these Gods.

‘Akshaya Tritiya’.

The Puranas state that Yudhishthir questioned Lord Krishna what the threefold division of the akshay tritya signifies. As Krishna predicted, this day was quite auspicious. Those who bathe before noon and practice fasting, donating, analysis of scriptures, donation of Pitru-Tarpan, gifts, etc. get enormous performance.

A weak and virtuous guy in ancient times had faith in the Gods. He was weak and remained very troubled. Someone suggested regarding Akshya Tritiya Vrat. So, he got up really early in the morning, bathed in the Ganges water, revered the Gods, and provided donations. He was the King of Kushavati in the next life. Thanks to the Atchaya Tritiya practices, he became very rich and strong.

Akshaya Tritiya Significance

  1. The year is considered to be a Sadhe Teen Shubh (two-month) Muhurat (3 and a half auspicious days). In this day, many auspicious activities are achieved.
  2. It has particular meaning because of the day. Whoever practices Ganga Snana on this day cleanses the harmful energy.
  3. One can conduct Bihanga on this day. Stuff made of rice and barley must be donated in the name of ancestors. After that, a priest must be fed.
  4. It is assumed to be auspicious if you practice Shraddh on this day at a religious location.
  5. Few people still claim purchasing gold on this day is auspicious.
  6. Parashuram and Hayagreeva had incarnated today only.
  7. Treta Yuga also started on the same day.
  8. The Badrinath Temple is opened on this day.

Festivals such as this are called auspicious and fruitful. This bit of knowledge will help you get the most out of this festival.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

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