Aja Ekadashi is the ekadashi that is seen during the Krishna Paksha (the dull fortnight of moon) in the Hindu month of ‘Bhadrapada’. In the English schedule it relates to the long periods of August-September. This ekadashi is likewise prevalently known by the name of ‘Ananda Ekadashi’. Aja Ekadashi is seen in the long stretch of ‘Bhadrapada’ in northern territories of India, while in different areas of the country, it falls in the Hindu month of ‘Shravana’. The Aja Ekadashi recognition is devoted to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, His partner.
This vrat is considered the most helpful among Hindus. Aja Ekadashi is celebrated with fervour and devotion all over the country.


Devotees conduct a fast in honour of their deity, Lord Vishnu, on the day of Aja Ekadashi. The vrat observer should eat’satvik’ food even a day before the vrat begins, on ‘dashami’ (10th day), to cleanse the mind of all negativity.
The spectator of the Aja Ekadashi vrat gets up during dawn on the day and afterward cleans up with mud and sesame seeds. The spot for puja should be cleaned. On a favorable area, rice ought to be kept, over which the blessed ‘kalash’ is put. The mouth of this kalsah is covered with red material and a symbol of Lord Vishnu is set on. The aficionados then, at that point, love the icon of Lord Vishnu with blossoms, products of the soil puja fundamentals. A ‘ghee’ diya is additionally lit before the master.

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The meaning of Aja Ekadashi has been known since the old occasions. Ruler Krishna in the ‘Brahmavaivarta Purana’ expressed the significance of this vrat to Yudhisthira, the oldest of Pandavas. This vrat was even performed by Raja Harishchandra, and as a result he got back his dead child and lost realm. This vrat consequently rouses an individual to pick a way of salvation and at last accomplish independence from the pattern of birth and passing. The spectator of the Aja Ekadashi vrat should keep control on his/her body, feelings, conduct and food. The quick will purge the substance.
It is referenced in the Hindu Puranas and heavenly sacred writings that when an individual keeps the Aja Ekadashi vrat with full commitment, every one of his transgressions of the current life will be exculpated. His/her life will likewise be loaded up with satisfaction and thriving, and later passing they will be taken to Lord Vishnu’s dham, ‘Vaikunta’. It is additionally trusted that by noticing the Aja Ekadashi vrat, the individual gets similar advantages as those by playing out the ‘Ashwamegh Yagya’.


Tithi: Ekadashi upto 06:07
Nakshatra: Ardra upto 10:40
Yoga: Siddhi upto 24:30
First Karana: Baalava upto 06:07
Second Karana: Kauvala upto 19:19
Day: Tuesday
Date: 23 August 2022


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