Let us know and understand about the planet moon by our World -Famous Astrologer KM Sinha. He is well known Best Astrologer In Delhi NCR. The moon is earth’s natural satellite. It is as important as the sun is to us. It is considered the heart in astrology. The mass of the moon is 7.35×1022 Kgs. It is 384,400 Km far from the earth. The moon represents a mother and motherly figure as it is feminine energy. It also talks about the flow of money in your life. The moon represents flexibility, emotions, psychic ability, calmness, joy, happiness, peace and harmony. A negative moon gives depression, tension, anxiety, mood swings, fear of loneliness, epilepsy, worry and overthinking. The moon generally stays 2.25 days in one sign. It has the 7th aspect (Drishti). It exalts in Taurus at 2° and debilitates in Scorpio at 2°.

Factors of the Moon
• Emotions
• Mother
• Water
• Mildness
• Blood
• Silver
• Rice

Signs of strong moon
• The native has strong intuition power.
• The native loves travelling.
• The native holds mildness and calmness of mind.
• The native gets the support of his mother.
• Good Patient level

Signs of weak moon
• The native will be impatient.
• The native can face mental issues.
• The native can get affected by epilepsy and blood cancer.
• The native can suffer from depression.

Tips to balance moon
• Touch your mother’s feet every day.
• Observe fast on the full moon.
• Worship Lord Shiva.

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