Amarnath Temple

The Amarnath Temple and its caves are associated with the immortality of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Amar Nath Dham is also called the pilgrimage of pilgrimages. Due to the high altitude of the Amarnath temple in Jammu and Kashmir, it is often covered with snow, that is, snow is frozen around this temple. That’s why this temple is opened only once in a year. Amarnath Dham and Yatra is one of the famous pilgrimages of India for devotees coming from far and wide. Every year lakhs of devotees reach the Himalayan Kailash and Mansarovar pilgrimage sites. The pilgrimage to Amarnath between the full moon days of Shiva’s favorite Adhimas or Ashadha Purnima to the month of Shravan is more relevant to the devotees because of the mysteries associated with them.

It is also a miracle of nature in Amarnath that every year on the special days of worship of Shiva, the snow takes the shape of Shivling by the miracle of nature. The Shivling present here is no less than a wonder. On one side of the holy cave, one can also see separate images of Maa Parvati and Shri Ganesha made of ice.

How Shivling is made in Amarnath cave

The process of making Shivling in Amarnath cave is absolutely natural and miraculous. In this cave, due to the natural snowfall, Shivling is continuously being made. Apart from this, people also believe that the figures of many types of gods and goddesses are made through snow here and this is the reason why they are called Barfani and Himani Baba due to the formation of Shivling of snow in Amarnath temple.

Story of Amarnath Cave

Mata Sati took her second birth in the form of Parvati in Himalaya Raj, before that she was the daughter of Maharaja Daksha in her previous birth who was married to Lord Shiva. Once Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati both were sitting together, Mother Parvati asked with great surprise seeing the Mandmala lying in the neck of Lord Shiva, why do you only wear Mudmala? On this matter, Lord Shiva removed his curiosity and told that as many times as he had sacrificed his body, he wore the same number of garlands. Parvati Mata’s curiosity increased on this matter, and she again asked Lord Shiva that my body is mortal which gets death again and again and again I take a new birth but you do not die, you tell me why you you are immortal

Introduce me to immortal elements because I also want to be immortal. Lord Shiva replied that there is an immortal story behind his death, then Parvati ji expressed her eagerness to hear the immortal story from Lord Shiva, although Lord Shiva tried many times to avoid her curiosity, but Lord Shiva felt that now mother Parvati would be able to tell the story. Should be heard Lord Shiva was narrating the story to Mother Parvati, then there a blue-throated parrot’s child was also secretly listening to this story. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, then he became very angry and ran to kill that parrot and left his trident behind him, but that parrot entered the three worlds. I reached Vyas ji’s ashram while running and entered his wife’s mouth and went into her womb and stayed there for 12 years. After 12 years, on the assurance of Lord Shri Krishna, this parrot was born as the son of Vyas ji and was called Shukra Dev. It is said that in Amarnath, Lord Shiva was dancing in a consort, at that time his two Rudra ganas were murmuring with each other out of jealousy, on which Lord Shiva got angry and cursed them both to become pigeons. given. Since then it is believed that these pigeons live in the Amarnath temple and are also visible to the travelers.

Some people believe that when Lord Shiva was telling the story to Mother Parvati, a pair of pigeons overheard the story. Because of which those pigeons also attained immortality and still live in this cave.

Importance of Amarnath Temple

Devotees believe that there is no fear of death after seeing Lord’s Shivling in Amarnath temple. It is said that the gods established this Shivling to avoid the fear of death. Shivling is formed every year in Amarnath from the rain of snow. The surprising thing is that no human effort is made in it, rather it is created naturally. It is considered a miracle of Lord Shiva. Apart from the natural linga of Lord Shiva, many other figures are also made in this temple. Which meets many gods and goddesses. Not only the Shivling of Lord Shiva in the Amarnath temple, but it is also considered one of the main Shaktipeeths.

Some people believe that when Lord Shiva was telling the story to Mother Parvati, a pair of pigeons overheard the story. Because of which those pigeons also attained immortality and still live in this cave.

How Shivling is made

☸The special thing about Amarnath Shivling is that it is formed naturally by the transformation of dripping water into ice and the ice transforms to form Shivling.

☸Lord Shiva had renounced the five elements

☸Lord Shiva had renounced the five elements while narrating the story. First of all, he abandoned Nandi bull in the village. After that, he sacrificed the moon with his locks in Chandanwadi.