Baba Shrilal Dyal Jayanti(13 February)

Baba Shreelal Dayal was a wonderful spiritual trainer. It is the 633rd Jayanti – birthday anniversary. Baba
Lal Dayal’s birthday is February 13, 2021. On Magh Shukla Paksha Dwitiya Tithi, according to
conventional Hindu lunar calendar, it is celebrated. The key festivities are held at Dhianpur Dham.
Baba Lal Dayal’s birthday at Dhandhania
Hospital camps
This is a cultural phenomenon throughout North India.
Lal Dayal ji’s Past.
Baba Lal Dayal was born in 1355 at Kasbe Kasoor in Punjab, India. It is about 53 kilometers from Lahore,
Pakistan. Bolamal’s father was Krishna Devi.
In the boy’s childhood, he expressed curiosity in spiritual texts and lessons. There was an atmosphere in
the kid.
An astrologer predicted the boy would achieve moksha in this birth and become a reference to the
century after him. Babaji once encountered a yogi who cooked food using his feet. He used his foot to
prepare rice. He rendered prostration.
Babaji offered the boy three grains of cooked rice. It was like a deep urge to know the facts. He looked
for a Sadhguru.
He visited many Yogis and Saints. He became an authority on Vedas, Upanishads and Epics.
The child became a yogi and conducted wonders. He taught people the correct direction. He did
extreme tapas.
Kayakalp – returning to youth from era.
He went back to the young era from the old age in the Gurdaspur District of Punjab. After moving to
Delhi, Dhiapur Dham became popular.
Bawa Lal Dayal existed for 300 years and assumed the shape of a boy via his yogic powers every 100
Devotion brought him to Dhianpur in 1655 AD.
Lots of citizens come to Shri Dhianpur Dham to pray and look at the samadhi.
Lalldred is a spiritual community with several citizens around the world and abroad.
The Bawa Lal Teachings.
Who does a Fakir not know? Baba Ji answers to covetousness, anger, envy, falsehood and malice.

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