Blue Kunzite Healing Properties & Benefits

Talking about blue-pink Kunzite gemstone is a type of crystalline gemstone called spodumene which is a silicate of aluminum and lithium. Generally, this gemstone is lilac pink in color. When Kunzite comes in contact with the sun, it first loses its color and then turns green, but with time, this semi-precious stone gradually returns to its original color. Kunzite is a type of pink stone that was discovered by Tiffany’s gemologist, Dr. Kunz, in the early 20th century. Generally, this stone comes from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some people also call this stone the Evening Stone because the color of this gemstone fades when it comes in contact with the sun. Since ancient times, pink color has been considered a symbol of love, romance, and marriage, in the same way Kunzite gemstone is also considered a symbol of love. The person wearing this gemstone receives immense love and positive energy.

What is Kunzite gemstone good for?:-

Kunzite gemstone is a very valuable gemstone. A person can use this gemstone for emotional healing as well as for self-acceptance and love. This is a very cool gemstone. If a person is suffering from anxiety or stress then he can definitely wear this stone. This semi-precious stone is also called a spiritual semi-precious stone, wearing it awakens the feeling of love in every corner of your life and the person remains happy all the time.

Properties of Kunzite gemstone:-

Talking about the shape of Kunzite gemstone, this stone has a flat shape and vertical stripes, apart from this, this stone can also be in the form of a spherical or separable mass.

Talking about the color of Kunzite gemstone, it ranges from colorless to brown, purple, light pink, light yellow, dark green and light blue, but all these colors fade away when exposed to sunlight.   The beautiful and delicate color of Kunzite gemstone is due to the impurities present in the spodumene crystal.

Here the actual different color of Kunzite gemstone is due to some impurities. Let us tell you that Kunzite stone is yellow to green due to iron impurities. The medium dark green color is attributed to impurities of chromium, also known as hidenite, and the pink to purple color of kunzite is due to impurities of manganese.

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Benefits of wearing Kunzite gemstone:-

Kunzite gemstone is a very powerful and spiritual stone. This stone represents the yin and yang aspects of the heart. By wearing this gemstone, all the negative energies inside the person go away and positive energy enters inside him.

Wearing this gemstone increases the love and self-confidence of the person. Due to being directly connected to the heart chakra, this gemstone is capable of understanding all the emotions of the person.

By wearing a pink colored Kunzite gemstone, the person is able to love people unconditionally in his life.

By wearing Kunzite gemstone, the person’s bad memories and habits of not trusting others go away, apart from this, this gemstone makes the person feel safe and healthy and promotes spiritual development. 

Wearing Kunzite gemstone also helps the person suffering from trauma, any kind of loss and addiction to find the emotional balance between their logic and how they feel in their life.

Kunzite gemstone helps nervous people to develop love towards their partner.

This gemstone helps the person in introspection of people who focus on the outside world and also helps in increasing self-expression and creativity.

Kunzite gemstones in the northeastern part is very important for the person to take care of themselves and overcome the obstacles coming in their life.

It is very useful to wear Kunzite gemstones before traveling. This gemstone protects the person from any kind of bad omen and helps them by protecting them from harmful spirits.

This gemstone helps in controlling the nervousness of the person during exams, interviews basic exams, etc., and also provides relief to the person from discomfort and restlessness while sleeping.

Pink-colored Kunzite gemstone helps provide peace to the person in grief like a broken heart, depression and loss of a loved one or separation from them.

It is useful in providing peace to women:-

Pink colored Kunzite stone is most popular for women. This gemstone provides energy to women and provides peace to young mothers, first-time mothers, and mothers who live alone.

Kunzite stone of this color is also useful and calming for animal mothers who get completely tired while taking care of their babies.

It is necessary to take care of Kunzite gemstone:-

If you wear Kunzite gemstone then it is very important to take care of it. It is very important to recharge this gemstone every time you wear it. After using this gemstone, it must be cleaned with lukewarm running water from time to time. After that, fill Himelite gemstone crystals in a clean vessel and place Kunzite gemstone in it and leave it overnight. By doing this, the energy of Kunzite gemstone returns back.

How to identify fake Kunzite gemstone?:-

If you want to wear Kunzite gemstone then before buying it you must know whether it is real or fake. To find out, you can also identify real and fake by its colors. Kunzite gemstone is very pink or purple in color, hence you will rarely see a very light-colored Kunzite gemstone. If you are very capable then you can hold this gemstone in your hand and examine it from many angles. If you move this gemstone here and there and you see different colors in it then it is not the real Kunzite gemstone. . In real gemstones only a glimpse of one color is visible.

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What is the price of Kunzite gemstone?:-

The value of Kunzite gemstone is actually based on its shade of pink. Let us tell you that the lighter the pink color, the cheaper the Kunzite gemstone is, but the darker the color of this stone, the higher its price.

Apart from this, there are some other factors that determine the price of Kunzite gemstone like its cut, shape and clarity of the gemstone. Generally, Kunzite gemstone is sold in large size only, hence it becomes very rare to find its small stone.

If you are buying a yellow piece of Kunzite gemstone, its price will be less than about 10 dollars. If you are thinking of buying a comparatively pink gemstone then its price will be around $50, apart from this the price of deep pink color can be $180 per carat.

Who is the ruling planet of Kunzite gemstone?:-

Talking about the ruling planet of Kunzite gemstone, the ruling planet of this gemstone is Jupiter. By wearing this semi-precious stone, the person gets a special vision of Lord Jupiter and there is a sharp increase in the knowledge of the person wearing it.

Method of wearing Kunzite gemstone:-

To wear Kunzite gemstone, it is advisable to first buy high-quality Kunzite gemstone, otherwise you will not get any benefits from wearing it.

After that, to purify the Kunzite gemstone, Kunzite should be purified by putting it in Ganges water and chanting Gayatri Mantra. By doing this, the energy of the gemstone gets purified.

After purification, sit at the place of worship and before wearing it on the thumb or any other place, chant the Guru’s mantra – Shram Shreem Shram Sah Gurubhyo Namah.

Keep in mind that before wearing this gemstone, you must consult a qualified astrologer, otherwise you may get adverse effects.

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Blue Kunzite Healing Properties & Benefits 1Blue Kunzite Healing Properties & Benefits 2