Daily Horoscope, Aaj Ka Rashifal आज का राशिफल, 02 April 2023 In Hindi

Aries 02 April 2023

Today is going to be a good day for your family life. The day will start very briskly and briskly. Some such opportunities will come in front of you which will make you happy. Some good news can be received in the family by evening. Today you will be happy with any behavior of your spouse. Be cautious about your health Today you will get rid of the problems coming in your work-business.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva, the whole day will be good.

Taurus 02 April 2023

Today your day will be normal. Family atmosphere will be happy and peaceful. Will help family members in some work. Today you will get good results in work-business. Some challenges may have to be faced in married life. Pay special attention to your health today. The hard work done in the job sector can bring monetary gains. It would be right to return the borrowed money today.

Remedy: Keep some basmati rice with silver in the locker of the house, the financial condition will be good.

Gemini 02 April 2023

Today most of your time will be spent with family members. There may be slight changes in your daily routine. Will discuss any important matter with family members. Today, before taking any big decision, do take the advice of your elders. Be careful while speaking excessively and doing financial transactions. Today you will be influenced by the thoughts of your spouse.

Remedy: Offer water to Sun God, there will be continuity in the work.

Cancer 02 April 2023

Today there is a possibility of getting some good news in your family. Can think of furthering the work-business. Control your expenses, otherwise you may feel lack of money. There is a need to have patience in married life. Traveling can make you feel tired. There can be a sudden decline in health. Pay special attention to Aata’s health.

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Remedy: Drink water to a copper glass, health will be better than before.

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Leo 02 April 2023

Today will be a good day for you. You will feel very strong mentally. The day is good for married life, today you will talk openly with your spouse. There will be good profit in business in which the mind will be happy. Due to the excess of expenditure, you can remain a little disappointed. Today you will have to work harder in the job sector. Health will be better than before.

Remedy: Respect the knowledgeable and your gurus, respect will increase.

Virgo 02 April 2023

Today you will have a great day. There can be sudden money gains. Today you will be troubled by the daily routine. Running around all day can be tiring. There can be an argument with the spouse. Due to which the mind will be troubled. Health will trouble you the whole day. There will be cooperation of colleagues in work-business. The advice of elders will be very useful for you.

Remedy: Salute Mother Earth by touching it, your mind will be happy throughout the day.

Libra 02 April 2023

Today you may feel tired. Will handle the quarrel happening in the family very calmly today. Avoid trusting a stranger more than yourself. Avoid eating outside food, otherwise health may deteriorate. With the help of friends, there will be success in work-business. You can think of starting a small business. Married life will be sweet, can go on a long journey with life partner.

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Remedy: Water to the plants, you will get mental peace.

Scorpio 02 April 2023

Today will be a fine day. Will pay more attention to his work-business, due to which the incomplete works will be completed. There will be full support of the family members due to which the relationship will be strengthened. There can be estrangement in married life. Your health may decline, so pay special attention to your health. Make good use of your free time. Will be engaged in creative works. There can be differences with relatives.

Remedy: Respect sister, daughter and mother, financial condition will be better than before.

Sagittarius 02 April 2023

Today is going to be a good day for you. The economic condition will be better than before. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in family life. Do not share any of your things with an unknown person, otherwise you will regret later. Avoid arguing, otherwise problems may increase, today a good moment can be spent with the spouse.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra, you will get rid of the ongoing problems in life.

Capricorn 02 April 2023

Today your confidence will increase. Will expect good results in work-business. You can get some good news in the family. Avoid worrying unnecessarily, otherwise today can be a bad day. Love will increase in married life; Spouse will take special care of you today. Control your speech on this day, otherwise there can be a big loss.

Remedy: Feed the needy people, you will be successful in life.

Aquarius 02 April 2023

Today will be a good day for you. Will work harder than before in work-business. Income will increase due to which the mind will be happy. Your boss will appreciate your work. You will get a chance to spend good moments with your spouse in married life. Your health will be good. Can think of going on a religious journey. There can be an auspicious program at home.

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Remedy: Distribute sweets to poor girls, they will become financially strong.

Pisces 02 April 2023

Today will bring golden moments for you. Will remain financially strong. Trust will increase in married life, which will strengthen the relationship. Control your speech, otherwise the family environment may get spoiled, you may meet old friends. Can take any big decision. Will move forward in business with the help of parents.

Remedy:  Apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead, circumstances will be favorable for you.