Daily Horoscope, Aaj Ka Rashifal आज का राशिफल, 03 April 2023 In Hindi


Today your day will be normal. Love will remain with the family members. There will be happiness and peace in the house. The mind will be troubled by unnecessary expenses. There will be an increase in confidence. Will get the support of siblings. Work-business will go well. Can take financial help from someone else. Married life will be happy. Can plan to hang out with life partner, which will make the mind happy. 

Remedy: Offer water to Tulsi Maa, there will be progress in work-business.



Today you can think about the future of your family and children. The financial condition will be good, due to which you will be able to complete any stalled work related to money. Will get good profit in work business. Family atmosphere will be good. There can be estrangement from married life. Will be worried about health. The atmosphere at home will be tense due to sudden running around.

Remedy: Feed sweets on white cow, there will be promotion in job.



Today you will have a good day. Any important work can stop being done on this day. Before taking any big step, definitely take advice from there, you will get luck. Children today by lending and taking someone. Maintain balance in family lines. People will remain happy in married life. Health will be better than before. Avoid giving importance to negative thoughts today.

Remedy: Burn camphor in the house while worshiping, negativity will go away.


Today will be a good day for you. Income will increase but expenses will increase more. You can get back the money lent. The health of someone in the family may suddenly deteriorate. Can discuss any important matter with family members. Be alert in work-business. Any decision taken in haste can lead to your loss. You will get opportunities for romance with your spouse.

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Remedy: Respect the sages and feed them food, health related problems will go away.


Today your confidence will increase. Stay away from people asking for loans. Today, there can be a lot of expenditure on food and clothes. There may be some decline in health. In married life, you can plan to go out somewhere with your spouse. There can be hindrance in daily activities. Be careful in work-business, otherwise you may get upset.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa, stalled work will be completed.



Today will be a good day. Today all your work will be completed according to your wish. Family relations will be stronger than before. The mind will be happy after the completion of important work. There will be full cooperation of colleagues in work-business. Married life will be full of happiness. Avoid contact with unknown people today. The long-standing disease will go away today. Will get success in government work

Remedy: Offer water to Sun God, people will get support in work business.


Today you will feel energetic. Will spend more time with family members. Will be able to repay the loan taken from people on time. Work-business will remain busy. Stay away from futile debates, otherwise there may be loss. Together with your spouse, you can plan on a special topic. Be cautious about your health .

Remedy: Offer besan laddus to Hanuman ji, your wishes will be fulfilled.


Today your day will be normal. Income will increase due to which the mind will be happy. Will be worried due to estrangement in the family. You will get a chance to spend loving moments with your life partner. Health will be fine so that you can make up your mind to go on a journey. Intervening unnecessarily in the quarrels of others can harm you. Pay special attention to food and drink.

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Remedy: Worship the presiding deity of your house and offer red vermilion along with it, your health will be good.


Today you will be financially strong. You can plan to watch a movie with your spouse, which will make your mind happy. There will be chances of progress in work-business. Today you will be very happy with your good health. There will be progress in business. There will be an increase in self-confidence. Coordination with family members will increase. Pregnant women should pay special attention. There will be opportunities for monetary gains.

Remedy: Keep water for birds in a ballast vessel, business will increase.


Today is a good day for you. Some new challenges will be faced in the family, there is a possibility of excessive destruction in the work business. Any auspicious program can be organized at home. Blood pressure patients should take special care of their health. Due to the increase in expenses, there can be a tussle with the spouse. Will get a chance to spend more time with the spouse.

Remedy: By helping the needy financially, married life will be happy


Today you have to pay special attention to your health, otherwise health related problems can trouble you. Mentally, you will be more worried due to which some work can get spoiled in the making. Will be financially troubled due to lack of income, love will remain in the family as well as support from family members. There can be some new happiness in married life.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to Maa Durga, financial condition will improve.

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Today your mind will be troubled. There can be some ajwaan between the family members. Will be worried about your increased expenses for the whole day. Today you will get a chance to learn something new. Will have to work harder in work-business. Will get the support of the life partner. Drive your vehicle carefully today, otherwise there will be a possibility of an accident. There can be sudden monetary gain which will strengthen the economic condition.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra 11 times, the obstacles in life will be removed.