Dhanu Sankranti or Dhanu Sankraman is a favorable day according to Hindu folklore and happens when the Sun enters the Sagittarius sun sign or the dhanu rashi. It is of unique significance in the province of Orissa where this day is commended with extraordinary delight. The beginning of Dhanur Mas is seen with unique puja proposed to Lord Jagannath. Dhanur Mas is said to begin on Makar Sankranti. This day is likewise celebrated by venerating the Sun God.


On this day, Lord Jagannath is adored in many pieces of India, particularly in Orissa. Lovers start the celebration of Dhanu Yatra from 6th day of Pousha month in Shukla Paksha and proceed with it until Purnima of the Pousha month.
Unique prasad is ready on this day, which incorporates improved rice pieces in conelike shape to offer the God during the puja service.
The “Bow Ceremony” is portrayed in a road play and held as referenced in the Bhagwad Purana. Fans from all over come to watch this and implore God.
This day is thought of as promising to offer gift (daanya punnya) and perform familial pujas.


Ruler Surya or the Sun God and Lord Jagganath are loved on this day. Aficionados clean up in the streams like Ganga, Yamuna, and the Godavari. In Odisha, the long stretch of Pausha is viewed as the period of bounty. After the collecting season, a stupendous festival is coordinated. A delicacy, Dhanu Muan is ready from improved rice drops and proposed to Lord Jagannath.
A road play is performed on this day which shows the different occurrences of Lord Krishna’s life. One of the episodes depends on Lord Krishna’s visit to Mathura to observe the Bow function coordinated by Kansa who had welcomed Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram to Mathura on the event of Dhanu Yatra determined to kill them. The yearly celebration of Dhanu Sankranti features the scenes from Lord Krishna’s introduction to the world to the killing of the devil Kansa.

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Dhanur Sankranti celebration is commended for around fifteen days. The entire of Bargarh town wears happy tones and goes into a captivated state of mind. The town is considered as Mathura and the Jura River becomes River Jamuna. Ambapalli is accepted as Gokul during the celebration times. Entire of the celebration is loaded up with a great deal of music shows and social projects portraying the lives and heavenly plays of Lord Krishna.


Date: 16 December 2022
Tithi: Ashtami upto 26:59
Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni upto 07:29
Yoga: Priti upto 07:44
First Karana: Baalava upto 14:21
Second Karana: Kauvala upto 26:59
Day: Friday


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