Durga Puja’s auspicious festival begins in the Indian subcontinent and is an annual five-day festival in honor of the goddess  Durga. When the goddess Durga kills the Demon King Mahishasla, it celebrates the victory of good over evil. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that  during this time the goddess visited her earthly dwellings to bless her followers.

According to Hindu mythology, the devil Mahishasura  received an invincible blessing from Lord Brahma. In other words, neither humans nor God could kill him. After receiving the blessing, Mahishasura attacked the gods and chased them from heaven. All the gods gathered to worship Adishakti in order to drive away the Devil’s King. The sacred light that came from all the gods during the puja created Madurga.


Durga The eighth day of the Navratri celebrations in India, Ashtami, is regarded one of the most important days of the long festival. Goddess Mahagauri, one of Goddess Durga’s nine forms, is honoured on Ashtami, which means “eighth.”

On this day, Goddess Kali erupted from Devi Durga’s forehead and slew Mahishasur, the Demon King, and his associates Chanda and Munda.

Mother Durga defeated Bhairo Nath, an evil ‘tantric’ who took the guise of Vaishno Devi, on this day. This episode is claimed to have led to the foundation of the Vaishno Devi pilgrimage, and the famed Bhairo nath shrine is said to be located where Bhairo Nath’s head fell after being thrown off by the Goddess.



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Devotees of Goddess Durga keep a day long fast on this day.

On this day, Goddess Durga worships all of the weapons and artillery that she used to defeat Mahishasur, as well as the magical mantras. Astra puja is the name given to this rite.

Experts demonstrate a variety of weapons, guns, and martial art calibres on this day, which is also known as Virashtami.

Brahmani, Indrani, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Narasinghi, Kameshwari, Maheshwari, and Chamunda are among the Ashtanayikas, or Durga’s eight avatars, who are adored during the Mother’s worship.


Date: 03 October 2022
Tithi: Ashtami upto 16:36
Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha upto 24:16
Yoga: Shobhana upto 14:18
First Karana: Bava upto 16:36
Second Karana: Baalava upto 27:29
Day: Monday




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