Eighth House In Vedic Astrology

eighth house in vedic astrology

Known as Randhra Bhava or house of death, the Eighth house in Vedic astrology signifies the life span i.e. death, rebirth and transformation of an individual.

This house determines the cause of death would be natural or unnatural. This house is also related to wealth earned due to inheritance, sudden gains, gratuity, etc. Common visible characteristics of this house are mysterious, possessive, ambitious, depression, dissatisfaction, and defeat.

   An individual might also suffer from prolonged chronic illness, monetary issues, miseries due to unfavorable planetary positions in the eighth house. When influenced by favorable planetary positions the eighth house, the individual is blessed with great learning abilities and also possesses a strong intuition sense.

 Transformations in the eight house signify that the individual strives towards achieving spiritual enlightenment by ways of good deeds. The reproductive system and the Cologne area are the body parts associated with the eighth house.

Effects of planets in the eighth house in Vedic Astrology

Sun- Sun in the eighth house of an individual indicates a short span of life. These individuals are good looking with great speaking qualities but would have a lethargic attitude. Individuals might suffer from chronic illnesses related to eyes and heart. Emotionally strong, these individuals do not like to display their feelings to anyone.

Moon- Individuals with the moon in the eighth house might suffer from chronic eye diseases. Unexpected monetary gains through inheritance, profits earned through share market transactions. Blessed with a supportive spouse, individuals with the moon under the eighth house always rely on others to carry out their work.

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Mars- When Mars is positioned in the eighth house according to an individual’s birth chart it reflects adverse effects on the individual’s life, especially in marital life like discord, unhappiness or separation. Individuals might also suffer from ailments like heart problems, skin and heart diseases, tuberculosis.

Mercury- Possessing analytical reasoning, individuals with mercury in the eighth house, are very curious and sharp-minded and work towards reaching the depth of situations and finding the truth. Philosophical and spiritual in nature these individuals can create an impact on the lives of others.

Jupiter– Individuals would be blessed with wealth due to inheritance, financial dealings and will possess an understanding and optimistic attitude towards life. Jupiter in the eighth house also signifies that the person will be blessed with strong intuitive qualities.

Venus– Individuals would be blessed with partners who would support them financially. Possessing a secretive nature and high sexual desires might make them cheat with their partners.

Saturn-  Hardworking, and possessing a spiritual nature, individuals with Saturn in the eighth house would be blessed with a long life. Individuals might suffer from prolonged health problems and face difficulties in matters relating to sexual satisfaction. 

Rahu- Individuals might suffer from health issues, although hardworking might have to face humiliation. These individuals might also face problems in marital life and get involved in litigation issues causing loss of wealth.

Ketu- Possessing a good character, these individuals would be dedicated to their work but would be unable to express themselves clearly.

These are some known facts about the eighth house in Vedic astrology.

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