Things You Should Know About The Eleventh House In Vedic Astrology

eleventh house in vedic astrology

The house of gains or Labha House is considered one of the most auspicious houses according to Vedic astrology. It denotes one’s interest in society and the community.

Basically the eleventh house in Vedic Astrology represents the type of friends and the relationship with these friends, admirers, associates, advisors and close acquaintances. An individual’s aspirations, desires are all resolved through this house.

The eleventh house also reflects if these individuals would be financially benefited from their friends and well-wishers. Would these individuals be able to make and maintain these associations easily or not would also be determined by the eleventh house?

The body parts associated with this house are calf and ankle. The zodiac sign associated with the eleventh house is Aquarius. It also represents monetary gains and fulfillment of desires.

Effect of planets in the eleventh house in Vedic Astrology

Sun- With a humanitarian approach, these individuals work towards their goal and earn recognition through their hard work. They value their friendship from the core and strive towards maintaining it until the end.  

Moon- The individual would be blessed with long life, would be sharp and intelligent and earn monetary gains from family and friends. Possessing a very cooperative approach these individuals are great at teamwork and always involve themselves in activities related to social welfare.

Mars- The placement of Mars in the eleventh house in Vedic Astrology is not considered favorable as these individuals can make friends easily but sometimes fail to understand those people and fall prey to their bad intentions. These might cause uncalled trouble in an individual’s life.

Mercury- When mercury is placed in the eleventh house according to the birth chart, the individuals are blessed with a high educational fulfillment, with an inclination towards research and science. Possessing great orientation skills, these individuals have great vision and always have an enthusiasm to express their opinions.

Jupiter- The friends these individuals make also have an intellect and opinion of their own. They maintain their friendship throughout life and also earn financial gains with their assistance. Although sometimes due to this friendship individuals tend to overspend and also cause health issues like obesity.

Venus- Quick in making friends and gaining social recognition are some traits of individuals when Venus is placed in the eleventh house. But this over-friendly attitude and enjoying a leisurely way of living can cause problems. Also while trying to attain recognition these individuals tend to hide their actual identity and pretend as one amongst others.

Saturn- Under the effect of Saturn in the eleventh house, these individuals would be dedicated and work against all odds to achieve their goals. Their patience and perseverance would earn them social recognition.

Rahu-  A desire to achieve success and earn popularity, these individuals tend to use unfair means to reach their goals. These individuals tend to make friends with high social rankings do that they could derive opportunities from these people and increase their financial gains.

Ketu- From a social perspective, these individuals would be successful and also attain a good financial position. But in their personal life, they might face difficulties like miscarriage, uncordial relations between family members.

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