9 Planets That can Effect First House In Vedic Astrology

first house in vedic astrology

Also known as the Ascendant or Self house, the first house in Vedic astrology signifies the role of big or small impacts in the life of an individual.

Associated with the zodiac sign Aries, the first house explains the personality, physical structure and personality traits of an individual. It also helps in projecting the destiny and overall life span of an individual. 

  Tanu Bhava or the first house helps in understanding what type of individual one is, his aims and the ways through which he will try to achieve his dreams. It also helps in determining how they project themselves in the outer world.

The body parts associated with this house are the head and upper part of the face. The quality of inner and outer state, physical and mental strengths all are governed by the first house. Various other factors like temperament, self-control, ability to fight diseases and courage are all determined by this house.

The effects of planets in the first house

Sun- When the sun is positioned in the first house, the individual will possess will lead a righteous life and would posses great commanding abilities. It also reflects a happy childhood and will lead to a happy life. Would be helpful and Inclined towards spirituality.

Moon- Moon in the first house signifies that the individual would be self-centered and moody. They possess great knowledge but they possess a very fickle minded outlook which might sometimes lead to wrong decisions. Individuals with moon placed in the first house live under their mother’s influence.

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Mars-   Possessing adventures and courageous personality individuals with Mars placed in the first house would be very short-tempered and can get into arguments even at pity matters.

Mercury-  An individual with high intelligence, with great orientation abilities and would have great handwriting. Individuals with Mercury in the first house have spiritual enlightenment and believe in the laws of karma. They love traveling and enjoy visiting different places.

Jupiter- Jupiter, when located in the first house according to the birth chart, brings in good luck and fortune. Active, courageous and very helpful in nature these individuals make decisions after assessing a situation.

Venus- When Venus is placed in the first house according to the birth chart, the individual possesses a generous nature and believes in working in a very systematic manner. The individual is very particular about cleanliness and would have a charming appearance.

Saturn-  The placement of Saturn in the first house according to birth chart indicates that the individual would be an introvert, hardworking and loyal. Their hard work is not paid off immediately and can cause them to have a pessimistic attitude. But their hard work surely pays off later in life.

Rahu- Rahu in the first house, describes a person as courageous, have the ability to win over arguments and posses a self-centered attitude and have no concern over others feeling or emotions.

Ketu- Individuals under the effect of Rahu in the first house, possess an attractive personality. These individuals have a mysterious nature and do not possess a straight forward attitude.

These are the details of 9 planets which can effect the first house in Vedic astrology.

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