Gandhi’s birthday in 2021: Learn About His History and Impact

His status as the father of the country has made him well-known as the Mahatma Gandhi. He was critical in the battle to get India out of British control, and India attained its independence in the process.

Mahatma Gandhi is commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi since he was born on October 2nd. Every year on October 2, people all around the country celebrate and formally designate October 2 a national holiday. To mark the 152nd birth anniversary of Bapu, we shall have a celebratory celebration this year.

A history of Gandhi’s birthday celebration

It is widely agreed that Gandhi is the father of the nation. In his battle against the British, he helped lead India to freedom. He was involved in the Indian independence movement by using a non-violent approach, and also helped end age-old traditions like untouchability. His work on the philosophy of values and his Nobel Prize in Economics have given him the moniker “Mahatma,” which means “Great Soul.” He was much liked due to his views and philosophies. The United Nations General Assembly officially designated October 2 as the International Day of Non-Violence in 2007. And for something completely different, check out this link – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Lights Up With Images of Mahatma Gandhi on Gandhi Jayanti.

The importance of Gandhi’s birthday

The use of non-violent methods of resisting the British government and several influencers made Gandhi an internationally well-known person. By giving the country nonviolent alternatives to fight against British control, he brought India to the forefront of anti-colonial and non-violent movements, the Salt March, Swaraj, and more. Furthermore, he also popularised the notion of ‘Swadeshi’ to promote the idea of economic freedom. Although many see him as an inspirational figure, Gandhi also took part in several historic events and became one of the most important individuals on the planet.

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