Hastrekha yog

Gajalakshmi yoga

Defination:- When the fate line in both hands starts from maribandha and goes straight to shani parvat, surya parvat is well developed and the surya line is thin, long and reddish. Besides the head, health and age line are strong then there is gajalakshmi yog in your hand.

Result:- A person with gajalakshmi yog though takes birth in a simple family but wins immense respect in his/her life. They are know for their work. Financially or physically  there is not any diprivation in the life of such people. Such people are generous, patient and talented.

Person with gajalakshmi yog wins complete success in their life and even after death their fame in their field is intact.

Note:- But you need to keep in mind that only when their is such state in both hands only then there is complete gajalakshmi yog. Otherwise if only one hand has such state then only half of result can be obtained.

Amla yog:- When all three Chandra parvat, Surya parvat and shukra parvat are developed and the Chandra line goes toward Budh Parvat then it is called Amla yog.

Result:- People with such yog are intelligent clever and wins respect and fame in their life. Financially or physically such persons are successful and goes to foreign trips for business matters.

If the Shukra Parvat on hand is fully developed and it does not has any obstructing lines on it, then definately such person wins physical pleasure and there are many more women in his life than his wife .Still he will not have to face slanders in his life.

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Shubh yog

Defination:- If the right hand has developed shani parvat and has clear fate lines on it, then he has shubh yog on his hand.

Result:- Person with shubh yog on his hand has the power to captivate the famous speaker and the public. He can get anything whatever he wants. His speech has the power to captivate whole audience and can turn their opinions to his side. Such people have attractive personality.

Note:- For getting prosperity and awaken their destiny such person has to leave their birth place.

Budha yog

Defination:- If Budha parvat on the right hand is developed and a line from Chandra parvat is arched to budha parvat and that is nowhere broken or weak as well as nowhere chained or thick then that person has Budha yog in his hand.

Result:- Person with budha yog gains success in his life through business. He does not lacks money and fame. He is physically healthy and attractive and through his efforts runs his business even in foreign. Such person takes fast decision and has a healthy mind. He takes over his enemy and is intelligent and clever.

Note:- For this yog you need to see that the budh parvat in his hand is developed, reddish and on its place. It should neither be out of hand nor bend toward surya.

Indra yog

Defination:- If the mangal parvat on the hand is well developed and the head line and fate line is fully long straight and clear, such a person has indra yog in his hand.

Result:- The person with such a yog is athletic, clever and successful gamer. They  acquire big positions in military and police. They live like a king. They are clever in talking, easy natured and their fate arises after the age of 28.

Note:- Such a yog is like a king  yog. It has been observed that person with such a yog does not live for very long, but at a younge age they win fame and glory. Substancially they are not deprived of anything. Such people win complete glory, respect and fame in their life.

Marut yog

Definition:- If the shukra parvat is developed and contain no obstructing lines guru parvat is clear and contains a cross mart and Chandra line is strong straight and clear, then the person has marut yog.

Result:- A person with marut yog on his hand is capable enough in taking with other. He is helpful and has a great heart. Such people are financially satisfied and through their efforts they expand their business a lot. Such person take their decisions fast and understand the need of the hour. Nothing is unattainable to them.

Note:- In this yog you must keep in mind that the shukra, guru and Chandra parvat are completely developed and there is no shortfall in shukra and Chandra line.

Lagnadhi yog

Defination:- When the fate line in your hand is fully developed and all parvat in the hand is developed and budha line holds complete length such a person has lagnadhi yog.

Result:- A person with lagnadhi yog is a learned man and a clever speaker. Everyone acknowledge his learned personality but physically he is healthy, strong and attractive. He has great thought and is good at heart. He has no interest in worldly works and hoax. They win fame and respect in their work.

Note:- This yog is considered only when all parvats in the hand are fully developed. If the parvats are not in series then you can’t get the results of this yog.

Adhi yog

Definition:- If the Chandra line is developed and reaches till budha parvat and its one branch touches the shani parvat then the person has adhi yog in his hand.

Result:- The person with this yog is generous, clever in this work attentive and recognizes the need of the hour. He lives his life happily. Substancially he is not deprived of anything. But many time such people falls prey to their enimies plans.

Note:- In this yog there in stress on Chandra line and the thing to be paid attention is that the Chandra line must be best towards budha parvat but one of its branch must rise up reaching some other parvat.

Shakat yog

Defination:- If the shani parvat and Chandra parvat are pressed inward. Shukra parvat has more than enough zig-zag lines and the fate line is very weak such a condition is said to be shakat yog.

Result:- A person with shakat yog is ill fated all his life. He has to face struggle all his life and many times has to take loans to fulfill the need. He gets no fame and respect in his life and spends his life normally.

Note:- A person with shakat yog gets the above result in his life but if in his hand the budha parvat and the guru parvat are developed and there is a cross symbol on guru parvat then the person does not have to face above results.

Daridraya yog

Defination:- If all parvat on the palm are weak and the Chandra parvat contains a dot, and the budh finger contains a dot then there is said to be Daridraya yog.

Result:- Even if the person takes birth in a rich millionare family but is in Daridraya yog, he will waste all the money because of his wicked-ness. 

He will have to live in poverty.

He will be living a poor life style.

Note:- A part from above yog, yog written below are also considered as daridraya yog.

If the surya line and the fate line are weak and broken.

If the fate line is thick and sinked inside the palm and has reached till the first of the middle finger.

If the shukra is pressed inside and contains many obstructing lines.

If the hand has many lines summing from top to bottom of the palm.

If there is a symbol of star on the pore of the middle finger and the fate line is weak.

If the surya turns and goes towards sukra parvat.

If your hand is heavy and fat and all parvats are weak and pressed in word.

If the Chandra parvat is weak and contains more than one cross.

If the fingers are small and the tops are square shaped and the fate time turns and is going outside your palm.

If any such yog happens the person is financially very weak.