Holika Dahan (28 March)

Holika Dahan’s Exact and Holy Period is…28 March

Holika Dahan: 18:37-20:56

2 hours 20 minutes.

10:13 to 11:16.

Lunch is from 11:16-13:00.

Holi or Holika Dahan takes place at night before the big day of Holi. After Holika Dahan night, the next day, key festivities of Holi commence. Kids use water weapons and water balloons to celebrate Holi. Kartik Purnima in 2021 . (Monday)

Items needed for Holi are:

Before performing Holi pujas, you should render all the Holi things. It can be cooked in a few hours but there is one thing that requires extra time if produced at home, namely “garland made of cow dung.” Here are needed things for Holika Dahan. Diya packed with ghee.






Sweets (Gujia)

Akshat (Raw Rice)

Moong Lentil

Few Dry Turmeric Bits


Rickshaw built of clay.


A little tub.

Holi Puja Vidhi: Steps.

Holika Dahan planning started before Holi festival began. People start collecting logs, materials from house, branches of trees, leaves, garbage etc for bonfire in public areas, parks, community centers, and near temples. After sunset, it is a massive mound of red rice.

It is held in a holy spot, which is washed with Ganges water and cow dung. A wooden pole is covered with garlands, charms, and several cow dung toys such as Bharbholiye, Gulari or Badkula. An idol created out of cow dung and coconut is another name for Holika. At Holika Dahan, Holika is burned while Prahlad is tossed into bath. Throw four bits of cow dung in the oven. Worship the family-god Hanuman when worshiping family ancestors. If you are looking for Puja Vidhi, let’s look at these stuff.

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