In this fast- growing technology and world, everyone wants progress and growth. Some really work hard and some try shortcuts in life. People often get jealous with other’s success and progress and that sends some negative energies to the other person. These negative energies are called as ”Nazar” in Hindi language. According to our World -Famous Astrologer KM Sinha, people who have weak aura gets affected very quickly by the negativity of others. He is a Genuine Astrologer In Delhi and offers the Best Mobile Astrology App. Although in astrology there is no combination of planets that defines this dosh  but people whose moon is problematic in their natal chart suffers from this dose often as their mind work in delusion. Sometimes this dosh becomes so powerful that it stops everything positive that is happening in one’s life. That is one of the reasons it is said that people should not share their personal things to everyone as not everyone is a well- wisher.  Now what are the remedies? If you feel you have lesser those problem.

  1. Never disclose your plans and secrets to animals until it is done.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva to strengthen the planet. Moon.
  3. Use incense sticks to keep your aura and surroundings cleanse.
  4. You can keep Crystal Black tourmaline for protection.


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