Hariyali Teej is one of the three major teej festivals that Hindu women celebrate (the others are Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej). According to the Hindu calendar, Hariyali Teej is celebrated on the Tritiya (3rd day) of the shukla paksha (bright fortnight of the moon) of Shravan month (Sawan month). The Hariyali Teej fast is observed by married women for the sake of their husbands’ lifespan and well-being. The Hariyali Teej festival takes place during the monsoon season, when the surrounds are lush with greenery, hence the name (Green Teej). Sawan Teej (or Sawan ki teej), Choti Teej, and Madhusrava Teej are other names for Hariyali Teej. Hariyali Teej has the same significance as Karwa Chauth, which is celebrated by married Hindu women.


Goddess Parvati is said to have fasted and practised austerity for many years in order to become the wife of Lord Shiva. Finally, in her 108th birth, her devotion won over Shiva, and she was acknowledged as the supreme lord’s better half. On this day, the goddess is also known as the Teej Mata, and she is revered and prayed to.

On this day, married daughters in the northern region of the country receive numerous gifts from their mothers. It’s the day when colourful bangles, new bright clothing, and gorgeous henna or Mehendi float through the air. On this day, married daughters receive a treat called ‘Ghewar.’ Sindhara is the name given to all of these gifts.

Hariyali Teej is celebrated throughout the north Indian states with considerable fanfare. Teeyan is the Punjabi word for it, and Shingara Teej is the Rajasthani word for it. Hariyali Teej festivities may differ slightly from place to region, but the passion and enthusiasm are universal.


Married ladies are given Shringara things such as traditional costumes, bangles, henna, sindoor, and sweets by their respective in-laws on the day of Hariyali teej.

Green lehengas or saris are worn by the women in particular. These Shringara objects represent marriage and have a lot of meaning for married women. Wearing them is also considered auspicious. According to Hindu belief, a lady can safeguard her husband from all dangers by wearing all 16 adornments.


Tithi: Tritiya upto 28:17

Nakshatra: Magha upto 14:13

Yoga: Varigha upto 19:01

First Karana: Taitila upto 15:39

Second Karana: Gara upto 28:17

Day: Sunday

Date: 31 July 2022


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