Ruby is an extremely powerful stone in vedic astrology. It is a rubied mineral that are found in many countries and Indian states like Assam, Bihar, Madras, Odisha, Mysore and Madhya Pradesh. If we talk about the quality then Ruby that hold the best quality and power come from Burma (Myanmar). In general, it can be seen in every form like square, round, oval etc. The color of Ruby is reddish. The real ruby shines differently and is easily recognized with the shine. Its surface is hard to cut so it doesn’t get starches easily. It will not be wrong if we say it as a king in stones as this is worn for the sun and sun in astrology is considered as the king and important planet for the living beings. According to the vedic astrology, this gemstone works best for army people, students and government officers. This stone is also helpful to increase will power and confidence. According to the Best Astrologer In Chennai, it is also useful for the people who want to be famous in life. People who often face eyes and bones related issues, should wear this stone. This stone leads person on the way to success. Its wearing procedure is so easy. Generally, it should be worn in the ring finger between 6 to 8 Am on Sunday morning. Invoke the god sun and wear it. Ruby is a hot stone so it should be worn in gold ring only. But before wearing any gemstone, one should consult with a genuine astrologer as not every gemstone is suitable for every person depending on their natal chart and planetary positions.

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