Is Vedic Astrology More Accurate and Advance?

Let’s discuss today about the accuracy of vedic astrology. Is it omre accurate and advance? Astrologer is the tells about the human life and their sufferings throughout the life time. It’s both an art, and  science. It has a power to eradicate sorrows and fulfill your life with happiness and prosperity. Thus, there are two major broad classification of astrology:

  • Vedic astrology
  • Western astrology

They both differ in every sense. But the primary motive of both is to minimize the sorrows and sadness from human life and bring happiness, satisfaction, and prosperity. While Vedic astrology is also popularly known as Hindu astrology or Jyotish Shastra. Astrology is a precious asset to know the potential possibilities. Thus, Vedic astrology is followed since from the ancient period in India. It has been practised from thousands of years, even though it has written documents in the Vedas also. Best astrologer in Delhi, says that Vedic astrology is originated during the Vedas, it’s the foremost scripture on the earth. Hence, it is developed by the ancient seers and Rishis.

Why Vedic astrology is more accurate?

There are number of reasons because of which Vedic astrology is very accurate and gives most reliable and precise predictions. Hence Vedic astrology is moon based system and thus covers all aspects of life. While it uses Vimshotarri Dasha system, this system helps in analyzing planetary positions for future purpose. Hence, makes the Vedic astrology is a most accurate system of making of predictions. For making predictions best astrologer in Chennai, keep in mind all the planets, Nakshatras, Rahu, Ketu, and fixed zodiac their positions and movements has great influence on human life. Because of all these Vedic astrology is more accurate.

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Why Vedic astrology is considered more advanced and accurate?

According to the best astrologer in Chandigarh, Vedic astrology is the most advanced astrology. It highly effective and accurate but it’s quite complex as well. Vedic astrology elements such as Nakshatras, Dasha, and Divisional chart provides a deep and useful insight about your life. Vedic astrology is upright because it works according to the most accurate astrological principles. It is believed that all the  planets in the sky are moving in accordance with the Nirayana System. Vedic astrologer for making predictions not only analysis the natal chart but also check the dashas, and the period of different planets transiting through different signs and how they are influencing in real time. Though Vedic astrology in Delhi is equipped with more precise and detail oriented methods, tools, and practices. Thus it’s the most reliable and advanced form of astrology.

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