Kemdrum Dosh Effects And Remedies

In astrology, there are many doshas that create various types of problems in one’s chart. Kemdrum Dosh is one of them. World- Famous Astrologer and the BEST ASTROLOGER IN Chennai Km Sinha has shared about this dosh in detail along with the remedies that one can do and be free from all the ill effects of this dosh. But before going further the very first thing is to understand that how does it form? It is not formed in everyone’s chart. It mainly depends on the position of the moon. This dosh is formed when there is no planet on either side of the moon. In some cases, it is formed when the moon is surrounded by the malefic planets.

Kemdrum Dosh Effects And Remedies 1

But there is a condition that the moon should be present alone.

Effects of this dosh 

  • The native will face many ups and downs in his life.
  • He will spend his life most in the confusions.
  • People will not recognise him even after working so hard.
  • He will be moody max of the time.
  • He will experience financial instability.
  • He can go into depression.


  • Worship lord Shiva as much as you can.
  • Observe fast on full moon.
  • Donate white things like milk, rice, clothes etc.
  • Wear pearl (only after consulting an astrologer).
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