Kundali Expert Mobile App – Best Astrology App in Play-store

Which is best astrology app in Play Store?

Best online astrologer app on Google Play store for Live Astrology Predictions KUNDALI EXPERT provides astrology app for accurate online astrology consultation for love, relationships, career, business, marriage, health, and daily life problems from verified professional astrologer.


Well, there are countless reasons to choose KUNDALI EXPERT APP online astrologer App like:
– With a pool of Online Astrology guidance you can choose the best astrologer, tarot reading numerology, and Vaastu experts at best prices.
– With  astrologer app, you can consult with a Best astrologer online from anywhere and anytime.
KUNDALI EXPERT APPhas a of certified astrologer Mr. km Sinhain Vedicastrology, Indian Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, – If you have any question related to your career, love life, relationship, marriage, and related to the business, – Once your consultation is done you can rate and review us your experience instantly.
– We are open 24*7 to serve our best astrology services to our clients.

User can connect online by:
On India’s best astrology app, user can talk to Genuine Astrologer by following  steps. entering his/her name, and mobile number he/she can register his/her self on our astrology app. If you are looking for an astrologer who can predict your past, future and present, you need to talk to astrologer on India’s best astrology app.

Explore our complimentary astrology services like Daily Horoscopes, Online Tarot Reading, Vaastu Consultant, Daily Panchang, Online Kundali Match Making, and Free Numerology on your mobile phone.

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Ask online astrologer: Users can ask one question related to his/her trouble. Our expert team will reach him/her instantly. astrology app – User can ask any question related to:

– When will I get the job?
– When will I get married?
– When will I get Success in my career?
– Chance of Love or arrange marriage?
– When will I get a promotion?
– How many doors should be in the house?
– How to know a house is good or bad for me as per Vaastu?
– When I will be in the relationship?
Horoscope Forecasting: by KUNDALI EXPERT APP, user can get accurate, healthy and personalized Vedic astrology horoscope based on the date of birth, timing and place from verified astrologers online.

If you are looking for the best online astrology app, you are in the right place! This is a one-stop solution to your all problems. We ensure 100% privacy and confidentiality for your personal details and concern.

Need Consultation? Want accurate, affordable, and trusted astrology services at your comfort? Download KUNDALI EXPERT app right now and explore live Astrology from best Vedic, Tarot readers, Numerologist, and Vaastu Experts Astrologers inDelhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Goa, Bhopal, Indore, Gujarat and all cities in India.

Your Personalized Kundali and Horoscope App in English and Hindi.

Kundli and Free Horoscope app is an ultimate app on Vedic Astrology created using accurate and ancient Vedic Astrological techniques and methods.

– Personalised Dashboard
– Daily Predictions based on Transit, tara and your birth kundli
– Bio rhythmic Chart and Details Updated on Daily basis
– Your personality revealed using your own horoscope
– Your daily auspicious and inauspicious timings using Ancient PanchPakshi Methods

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– Avakahada Chart and Complete Planetary Details
– 18 different Kundli Charts such as Birth chart, Navamansha Chart, Dreshkan, Shashtyansh etc.
– Planet Degrees with Nakshatra, Nakshatra Lord, House, Zodiac and Retrograde positions.
– KalsarpaDosha Analysis and Remedies
– ManglikDosha Report Analysis and Remedies
– PitraDosha Report Analysis and Remedies
– SadhesatiDosha Report Analysis and Remedies

Gemstone Suggestions
– Gemstone Wearing Process and Rituals Explained
– Rudraksha Suggestion Report

– Complete House Analysis
– Complete Planetary Sign Analysis
– Ascendant Report
– Sun Sign Report
– Reports Covering All Aspects of Life

– Numbers for you
– Various Personalised Numerological Reports

– Daily Panchang and Festivals for any date and any place
– Panchang Planetary Positions
– Hora Timings
– Chaughadiya Timings
– Daily Lagna Timings

Hindu Panchang

Astro Matching details
– Horoscope Chart Matching
– Manglik Matching
– Ashtakoota Report
– Dashkoota Report
– Match Making Report Conclusion

KP or Krishnamurthy Paddhati
– KP based Planetary Positions using KP ayanamsha
– Cuspal Chart
– House Significators
– Planet Significators
– Planetary Aspects
– House Aspects



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