Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan), 05 June – 2020

  1. Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan), 05 June- 2020

Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth comes between moon and sun. Penumbral lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) to be occurred on Friday 5th June 2020. It will last in 3 hours and 18 minutes, 13 seconds and can be seen with naked eye. Almost 57% part of the moon disk will be shadow the full moon will be seen from Australia, Europe, South Asia and Africa.

Lunar eclipse 05 June 2020 timings are as follows

Lunar Eclipse Begins – 11:15 PM


Ends – 02-34 AM

Year 2020 is containing four lunar eclipses, which are penumbral eclipse, it means that for few hours, the face of the moon will be of dark silver color.  It will be visible I maximum areas of Southern Hemisphere.

Astrological Suggestion for this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 05 June 2020:

This will affect the people of all zodiac signs. This eclipse will be in Scorpio zodiac and Jyestha nakshatra. The Sutak period begins nine hours before the lunar eclipse, during which no auspicious activities are done from the worshiping ritual. Due to the Penumbral lunar eclipse, its Sutak period will not be valid. Precautions to be taken during the eclipse period: There is a belief that food should not be eaten during eclipse nor should not start any auspicious activities. Pregnant women do not have to come out of the house as soon as the sutak period starts, because during this time the negative powers are quite strong. Which can have a bad effect on the unborn child. One should take a bath after the eclipse period. Basil leaves should be added to the food items as soon as the sutak starts. Do not use knives, knives or sharp-edged items during this period. To avoid the bad effects of the eclipse, chant the Maha Mritunjaya Mantra.

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