Date: 01 February 2022
Tithi: Amavasya up to 11:17
Nakshatra: Shravana up to 19:40
Yoga: Vyatipata up to 27:05
First Karana: Naga upto 11:17
Second Karana: Kinstughna up to 21:54
Day:  Tuesday


The day of Maun Vrat is called Mauni or Magha Amavasya. Today is the day to reconnect with oneself. This holds great importance. This day helps in judging one’s patience level and self-restraint. On this day, people donate to the less fortunate. They provide according to their financial situation and capacity. This day is made more beautiful by donations and charitable acts. The most important aspect of this day, though, is Maun Vrat. There isn’t a single word said by the person.

On this day, bathing in the sacred river is seen to be the most spiritual and devout. On the day of Mauni Amavasya, all Devas are present in the Holy River. According to legend, a pot filled with Amrit emerged from the churning of the seas in ancient times. Because some drips of Amrit fell into the river, it became exceedingly valuable. This is why Mauni Amavasya is revered as a sacred day.


This day aids in the acquisition of speech purity. Before speaking, one can control their words. As a result, whatever words come out of their’s mouth have no negative impact on others. It represents mental austerity. It aids in the internal and external healing of the body.

It aids in the recognition of thoughts and acceptance of those things over which a person has no control. It is energy and power conservation. Observing maun vrat can bring one tranquilly. It is possible to develop spiritual consciousness. It aids in the removal of negative energies by keeping oneself away from the negative impacts of talking gossiping and chatting.

It aids in the acquisition of tranquilly, as well as the assessment of one’s patience and self-control. This day aids in spiritual awareness, and in order to progress spiritually, one’s discourse must be pure. Silence practice is highly beneficial in acquiring the purity of speech. It aids in energy conservation and the elimination of bad energies. It also aids in the control of words and fury before speaking. On this day, it is also recommended that you take a holy dip in one of the sacred rivers. It is also believed that taking a holy dip cleanses the mind of all sins and negative thoughts.


Magha or Mauni Amavasya differs from other vrats in that it is a one-of-a-kind vrat. It promotes completely other types of vrat. The control of all senses is true vrat or fasting. To become fixed with the inner self, the mind must be hushed as well as controlled in its wanderings. This is the most effective vrat of all the fasting methods. People take holy baths in rivers and retreat to tranquil areas to contemplate in silence for the entire day till sunset on Magha Amavasya or Mauni Amavasya. The Ganges water is reported to change into Amrit on this day. Other actions that can be done on this day include conducting Pooja’s, making donations, and so on. Taking a holy dip on this day is also claimed to confer the virtues of doing a thousand Rajasuya Yajnas or an Aswamedha Yajna.


On this day, one’s mind will be cleansed and a connection with one’s inner self will be established through good activities, silent meditation, and vrat. If a charity, ancestral worship, and Gayatri Jap are performed on this day, sins from previous incarnations will be cleansed. By keeping this vart will make you more calm, discipline, mentally stable, and give you inner happiness.

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