Date: 16 February 2022

Tithi: Purnima up to 22:23

Nakshatra: Ashlesha up to 15:07

Yoga: Shobhana up to 20:38

First Karana: Vishti up to 10:07

Second Karana: Bava up to 22:23

Day: Wednesday

On this day, worshipers pay homage to the Moon God. According to Hindu texts, the month of Magha is the most auspicious, fortunate, and significant for conducting donations and other daan-Punya actions. Devotees maintain a fast, take a holy bath, and worship and pray to Lord on the eve of Magha Purnima. Magh Purnima is the Hindu Panchang’s name for the Full Moon or Poornima date in the month of Magh. This is a major religious and spiritual day. On this day, it is desirable to bathe, provide charity, and chant. It is also claimed that having a holy bath on this day is very important. It begins with Paush Poornima and concludes with Magh Poornima. Magh Poornima is the penultimate day to do Triveni bath after performing Kalpvaas on Tirthraj Prayag. Lord Madhav blesses those who do Magh Snan (bath) with wealth, children, success, luck, happiness, and salvation, according to Hindu beliefs.


Magh Poornima is associated with the Magh Constellation. Gods are said to appear in human form and bathe in Prayag while performing charity and chanting. As a result, it is thought that bathing in the Ganges on this day will grant you your wishes and lead to salvation. If the Pushya Constellation occurs on this date, it becomes symbolic, according to Hindu texts. Brahma Vaivarta Purana mentions the significance of Magha Purnima. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu stays in the River Ganga on this hallowed day, and it is widely believed that devotees can gain redemption just by touching the holy water of the Ganga. On Magha Purnima, taking a holistic bath in sacred rivers like the Ganga, Saraswati, and Yamuna is extremely beneficial. Devotees might attain release from their sins, as well as purity and peace of mind, by following the Magha Purnima vrat religiously. Observing Maha Yagyas and doing charity on Magha Purnima provide the same rewards.


Devotees must rise early on Magha Purnima day and take a holy plunge in any water source before daybreak. Those who are unable to bathe in the river might do it at home by mixing Gangajal with water. Devotees begin making preparations for the puja after the customary bath. They worship Lord Vishnu and Hanuman Ji on thiDevatas The day of Magha Purnima is also dedicated to worshipping Goddess Parvati and Lord Brihaspati, in addition to the ‘Ishta Devatas.

Devotees perform the Satyanarayana Puja and recite the Satyanarayana Katha with complete devotion. Banana leaves, sandalwood paste, til, supari, moli, and fruits are used to worship the Lord’s idol. Special arrangements are made for this puja in most of Lord Vishnu’s temples across India. As a result, many go to the temples in the evening. Fasting on Magha Purnima day is also seen to be beneficial. The follower of this vrat fasts during the day and only eats in the evening after giving ‘ardhya’ to the moon. A single meal is permitted per day.

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