Maghi Purnima and Birthday of Saint Ravidas

28 March 2021
Magh Puja Timings.
Purnima Tithi begins from 3:49 PM on February 26th, 2021.
Purnima Tithi will finish at 11:46 am on 28-February-2021.
Maghi Purnima:
Magha Purnima is regarded to be an auspicious festival all the year round. Hindu scriptures enjoin the
taking of the holiest bath during the Magha Purnima festival. Austerity steps are strictly observed across
all layers of society. Devotees engage in art of donation and is philanthropy. The day finishes with the
arrival of Maghi Purnima or Magha Purnima on its last day. On this day, the devotees conduct numerous
religious rituals.
Magha Purnima is important since some celebrate this day as “Sant Ravidas Jayanti.” This ten days
festival starts on Paush Purnima which is the 10th of the lunar month. Ends this month of holy water
before Magha Purnima. Charity or giving during this time is genuinely praiseworthy. There are many
various forms of charitable donations based on affordability and comfort. The auspicious day signals the
conclusion of the month of wonderful temple trip.

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