Malika Yog

Defination:- When except Rahu and ketu all other planets has there mount strong and healthy then it is called malika yog.

Result:- A person will malika yog in his hand gain high position in the state and is respected in the society for his leadership.

The seven planet’s means surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddh, Guru, Shukra & Shani.

Every mount has a central point and when the mount’s line touches the central point of its mount clearly, the planet of the mount is considered very strong. The strongest planet among the seven planet on the palm is considered for the malika yog. For example if the guru rekha touches the central point of the guru parvat, the guru parvat will be considered stronger and his hand will be said to have guru malika yog. Similarly there can be surya malika yog, Chandra malika yog etc. Results related to different malika yog are:

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Surya malika yog:- A person with surya malika yog, gains important position in government and with his efforts even reaches to the position of secretary.

Chandra malika yog:- A person with Chandra malika yog in his hand secures a position of commander in navy. And will gain enough profit through business with cities near water bodies. Such a person will many times in his life go for a foreign trip.

Bhaum malika yog:- If there is malika yog through the mangal grah, the person will gain high position in police or army and will never be deprived of money or vehicle.

Buddh malika yog:- If the hand has Buddh malika yog, the person will be kind, charitable and benevolent. He will make a foreign trip many times and will earn respect and glory in his life.

Guru malika yog:- If the hand has guru malika yog the person is said to take interest in ved, Dharm, Shastra etc and is charitable and benevolent the person will lead in social work and will be respected in society.

Shukra malika yog:- Person with shukra malika yog in his hand is a true father lover and will never has any financial issue. Such a person is good looking and attractive and will gain respect and glory in his work.

Shani malika yog:- Person with shani malika yog is long lived. But has to struggle a lot in his life. After 30 years of age he will earn complete glory and respect.