March 9, 2021, Vijaya Ekadashi (Tuesday)

Vijaya Ekadashi is celebrated by Hindus all over India. The festival also celebrates Lord Krishna, the
Ultimate avatar of Lord Vishnu. The rule includes quotations from the book of Skanda Purana to further
explain the words and definitions used. People who are seeking to enter the Lord’s abode or liberation
(moksha) should observe this fast with a lot of reverence and dedication.
The Utsav Festival.
It is significant to Hindu devotees because of the mythological events it signifies. King Yudhisthira once
questioned Lord Krishna regarding the significance of Ekadashi that falls during the month of February
and March. Krishna responds that practicing vrat on auspicious days is beneficial in cleansing all sins of
all those who stay devoted.
Lord Brahma replied Narada by asking about the importance of Ekadashi, which falls at the end of
February and beginning of March. Lord Brahms says people who observe fast on the day will get rid of
the sins performed over the past week. Perhaps, it is because of the triumphant outcome that it has
been recognized as “Vijaya Ekadashi”. Many citizens go to religious temples to deliver their holy prayers.
Lord Rama and his wife Sita were forced into exile in the forest for fourteen years. They lived a lovely life
in Panchavati, which is near Godavari river. After King Ravana abducted Sita Devi, Rama formed a
monkey army with the goal of crossing the Indian Ocean. It was challenging for him to achieve the
required performance. Eventually, he had to contact sage Bakadalbhya. In response, Rama knew
Ekadashi is the most auspicious day to cross the globe, and he was able to prevail over Ravana.
Therefore, it is called “Vijaya Ekadashi”.
Celebrations of Vijay Ekadashi.

Believe that citizens observing fasts or listening to triumph tales of mythology on Vijaya Ekadashi would
certainly attain tremendous popularity. The earthquake would cause the same effects as those of
Vajapayee sacrifice. The findings obtained at the Krsna Paksha Ekadashi are considered to be the most
productive and effective. It is necessary to receive a variety of incentives to guarantee that austerity is
preserved on an aggregate. Worshippers come to the temples in big numbers for this purpose.

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