Mars Transit In Scorpio

Mars is considered a warrior in astrology. It has masculine and uncontrolled energy. People who are influenced by Mars are highly active physically and their temperament is also generally high. These people are more in the military, army and any defence forces. Mars also represents land so people who are engaged in property dealing and real states must have strong placement of Mars in their natal chart.

Now let us see the effects of Mars transition in Scorpio on every horoscope.

Note: These are general results of the impact of Mars transition.


Mars is going to transit in your eighth house. The Eighth House is responsible for Occult science, inheritance, sudden gains\losses and obstacles. This period is not gonna favourable you much. Enemies can create obstacles on your way. You should be always cautious about it. Your colleagues and workers might deceive you for their benefit. You should try to focus on your work and don’t include yourself in any office politics. Business professions need proper finance management. Your family members will fail in understanding your side of the story. Married couples need to avoid any misunderstandings in their relation. You should try to act more mature and patient.

REMEDY– Visit Lord Shiva temple and worship there.


Mars is going to transit in your seventh house. The seventh house is responsible for marriage, life or business partner. This period is gonna take a test of patient level. You discuss things and issues with your partner. This will lead to healthy communication and relation. People who are unmarried need to wait this time. You are suggested not to take any decision out of anger and ego as you can have to regret later for that. This can be a good time for students as their efforts are going to be beneficial and valuable. Time is a little tough but you will overcome every challenge with your courage, willpower and confidence. Healthwise this transition is going to be quite lenient. Some people can face blood-related issues.

REMEDY– Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Sankat Mochan every Tuesday.


Mars is going to transit in your sixth house. The sixth house is responsible for health issues, loans, enemies and competitions. Cruel and hot planets become powerful in the sixth house and most of the time gives good result. This transit will be the most favourable for you. You will feel energetic and enthusiastic during this period of transition. Your luck will be in your favour. You can use this time to the fullest as productive outcomes of your hard work can be seen. This transit is also good for students who are going to take any competitive exam. Some people can start their startups and will give a new push in their career journey. Exercising and meditation can help you to stay calm and active.

REMEDY – Apply sandalwood on your forehead.


Mars is going to transit in your fifth house. The fifth house is responsible for education, love affairs, child and mind. For Cancerians, this transit is not going to be so beneficial. They can be part of any conspiracy in the office. So always be cautious about it in the office. Competitors will attempt the best possibility to make you feel down. Good finance management is required as you will tend to spend money on useless things. You should avoid taking any loan in your name as you will face difficulty in returning it later. You should personally look after the health and performance of your kids as they may need your guidance on some matter. Don’t keep any argument with your partner. Some travelling is there that can profit you.

REMEDY– Donate wheat to needy people


Mars is going to transit in your fourth house. The fourth house is responsible for land, house, vehicle, mother and happiness. This is a suitable time for people who are planning to buy a new house and vehicle. These investments will prosper them lately. You will have a happy and quality time with your family and life partner. Your work will be appreciated in the office. For the students, it can be a little challenging as they will have to face hurdles in joining any new course and learning that they were trying to gain for a long time. Your health will remain normal but

there can be mentally and physically tiredness so you better don’t take any kind of stress of the society.

REMEDY– Keep a square piece of silver with you.


Mars is going to transit in your third house. The third house is responsible for your younger siblings, courage, hard work and fame. This month belongs to all the Virgos as they are going to have many creative ideas in their mind that will help them in their career perspective. They can get recognition. A good flow of finances will be there this month. They will have a good time with their family. You can also plan to gift something to your partner. Healthwise, you will be relieved as you will get recovery from any old disease. Academic advancement will be enhanced this month for students. You will be confident in everything you will do.

REMEDY– Visit the temple of Lord Hanuman


Mars is going to transit in your second house. The second house is responsible for wealth and family. Students who are planning to go abroad for higher education will get visas during this transit. For professionals also, this transit will benefit them. You need to take care of relationships with your family, friends, life partner and colleagues. You will get much disappointment from your family and friends. Don’t say anything in anger as that can end your relation forever with them. Try to handle situations even if you do not much agree with their point of view. Healthwise this transit isn’t good so try not to take the stress.

REMEDY– Offer milk and water on a Shivling on Monday.


Mars is going to transit in your first house.

The first house is responsible for individual and personality. Your temperament will be quite high this month. You will be disappointed for all the failures which will lead to extreme anger, Jealousy and frustration with others. You are suggested not to take any important decision related to finance as that will not be fruitful for you this time. Proper finance management will be an advantage for you. You should avoid professional travelling. It is good for purchasing property, vehicles and houses.

REMEDY– Offer red flowers to lord hanuman.


Mars is going to transit in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is responsible for expenses, hospitals and abroad. This time is going to be more normal for you but anger can make things worse. Some arguments and fights can be caused with your life partner because of misunderstanding and aggression. You are suggested not to use any harsh or ill words which can pierce the hearts of people. Your anger can also lead to disturbed relations with your close ones. Enemies will try to harm you so always be cautious. You need to be self-confident enough to deal with all the issues. During this transit of mars, you should take good care of your parents health.

REMEDY – Chant “Om Kram kreem Kroum Sah Bhaumaya Namah” on daily basis for as much time as you can


Mars is going to transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is responsible for income, gain and elder siblings. This is going to be profitable for all the Capricorn folks. You will ripe the results of hard work. You will get help and support from your family and friends. It is also possible that you can get recognition in your profession and that will make your mood light. For married couples,

misunderstandings can spoil the relationship so try to keep clarity with your partner. Students who are trying to go abroad will get success in this transition. Healthwise this time is good for you. You need to be patient with some desires.

REMEDY– Try to drink water from a silver glass.


Mars is going to transit in your tenth house. The tenth house is responsible for career and profession. Mars is going to be “DISHA BALI” in the 10th house. It will give the best result to the Aquarius folks. You will get respect and recognition at your workplace. You will achieve success and growth in your career. Do not underestimate your enemies. They can spoil your deals. You will be optimistic enough to tackle every challenge. You should express your creative ideas as that will be fruitful for you. Utilise this time to the fullest.

REMEDY– Donate red fruits to needy people.


Mars is going to transit in your ninth house. The ninth house is responsible for the father, fate and spirituality. Your luck is going to favour you this time. You will be spiritually inclined. You can plan some wonderful trips with your partner. You can also travel abroad. Travelling and holidays will bring new warmth to your relationship. Students should this time productively as they can achieve their desired goal. Healthwise this month is good. A healthy lifestyle and proper diet will add charm to your healthy life. This time is also favourable to do investments and you will get superfluous gains through it.

REMEDY– Donate red pulses on Tuesday to the needy.

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