Matsya Jayanti (15 April)

Matsya Jayanti

The Hindu festival of Matsya Jayanti marks the birthday of Lord Matsya, a fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in the Satya Yuga. According to Hindu beliefs, the fish emerged after the great flood. In Hindu calendar, Matsya Jayanti is celebrated on the third day of the light fortnight of the moon in the month of Chaitra. For this, Ganga festival in Rajasthan is considered auspicious and celebrated with great fervor. It is an auspicious day for Hindu devotees. On this day, people go to Vishnu temples around the nation to hold pujas or religious ceremonies. Just one Temple is devoted to Matsya Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in India, and that is the Nagalapuram Veda Narayana Swamy Temple in Andhra Pradesh. This is because of the big festivities here.

Matsya Jayanti 2021 is on Friday 15th April

Festivities during Matsya Chaturthi:.

On this day, many Muslims fast to appease Lord Vishnu. The quick on Matsya Dashami starts with the refraining from food and drink of one the previous night. The fast of Ramadhan is also practiced until the dawn after prayers to Lord Vishnu. On the auspicious night of Krishna Chaturthi, it is assumed to be right to sit up all night and to recite the Vedic mantras. As needs, it is also nice to recite the “Matsya Purana” and “Vishnu Sahasranaam” as desired. Donating or engaging in charity on the auspicious day of Matsya Purana is quite helpful. On this day, one must donate clothes and food to Brahmins and also make sure to drop the money among the vulnerable and needy.

Significant occasions to commemorate on Matsya Jayanti.

  • Tritiya Tithi starts on April 14 2021 at 12:48pm
  • Tritiya Tithi finishes on Thursday, April 15th, at 3:27 AM.

 The meaning of Matsya Jayanti:-

As per Hindu legends, the rebirth of Matsya Avatar was the first of the ten incarnations of Vishnu, which is known as Barbaric Masuri. Embodying a one horned fish, Lord Vishnu emerges on the world stage as the avatara of Matsya in order to intimidate Manu and urge him not to attempt to create a boat for the celestial flood. Unlike the listed Hindu religious scriptures, there is no mention of the rites, practices, and rules of worshipping the Matsya Avatar enshrined in the sacred texts of Hinduism. The Vedic ritual’s significance, considering its Hindu aspect, has been faithfully understood by people throughout the world, including both the East and the West. Like Hindu festivals such as Diwali, the Festival of lights is observed in a grand manner in temples across India. The festivities in the Vaishnava temple are a rather elaborate mode of devotee worship.

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