Meena Sankranti (14 March)

It is the Indian festival of new beginnings.
The beginning of the twelfth month in the Hindu calendar is honoured during the festival of “Meena
Sankranti”. This month is the final month of the lunar cycle, and the sun joins the house of Pisces on On
this day, it’s also known as the Sacrifice of Meena in the South. Like other festivals, the Chettinad
Sankranti festival is a day of auspiciousness where we take articles and obtain blessings. Like pea
picking, various groups mark this day in different ways. Others want to donate to charity, while others
might be supporting farmers in searching for something themselves (like a piece of land).
It is stated that the sixteen days of light that follow the Kumbh Mela are called shubh days. There are
several ways of holy chanting or puja performed in families to release oneself from the sins one has
done in the past. Bathing in the sacred waters of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati was deemed auspicious
for many people. The Hindu festival of “Sankranti” where Hindu calendar is used, signals the onset of a
new month according to all other Hindu communities save Bengali and thus it is assumed that good
deeds of today will pay off in the coming month.
Meena Sankranti 2021 is on the 14th of March Sunday.
2 months, 22 days, and 1 week to go for the case.
I bring up the subject of Meena Sankranti.
I bring up the subject of Meena Sankranti.
Our Habits of the Day.
On all twelve Satyanarayan Punarvasu or Sankranti not including Pūnarvasu devotees can take holy bath
as per the Muhurat or time of rituals.
When in the wash, one can give a prayer to the rising sun and appeal to it for your well- being for the
year. It is best tradition to get a ritual sunrise ceremony performed at this period.
A special day is celebrated in ever-changing ways so that people can experience peace, wealth, and good
health and a long life.
In temples and mandirs, the atmosphere is packed with candles, roses, incense and sweets are offered
to the God were part of the festive fun.
The Brahmins and those who are not able to seek food on their own are provided the burden of cereals,
donation, and of giving funds to the poor citizens (clothes donation). On this particular day, we can not
only save money, but save a great deal of lands.
The Express express on Meena Sankranti..
Sunrise on March 14, 2021, 6:40 AM.
Sunset March 14, 2021 6:31 PM.
Puntya Kaal Muhurta is in progress, during hours 4:33 pm to 6:31 pm.
Today is the hour of the afternoon (noon-12:30) or the night (moonrise to sunset).
Sobriety is celebrated on this day as Sankranti.
See more details of Ujjain or search a location near you.
On this day, worship of “Surya Dev” (the sun god) is organized in many of the temples across the
country, like the Konark sun Temple in Orissa. The mijuana and prayer of the workers in the store
precedes the shopping of positive values in the community. To get rid of all wrong acts and bad
emotions for the past month, a Sankranti puja is conducted to set a fresh clean slate for a new knowing

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