Mercury Transits In Capricorn 29 December 2021

Mercury is the planet that gives intelligence, communication and patience. When a person can use magical words it is because of mercury only. Mercury influenced people to love to talk but when it becomes over, people gossip a lot. These people want to do many things at a time. They like to be multitasking. Mercury gives a quick result. It is also responsible for good memory. People who have a strong influence on mercury can be good researchers also. They are jack of all and master of none. The transition of Mercury will take place on 29TH DECEMBER 2021 AT 11.15 AM. Now let us see the effects of this transit on every horoscope.

Note- These are general results of Mercury transit on each sign.


Mercury is going to transit in your tenth house. The tenth house is responsible for career and profession. You will give your best to your work. People who are in administration will be honoured. People will find warmth in you. You will be in a position to mentor others. This is a favourable period for the people who are in bank and finance. Few aries folks can change their jobs. Business people will have to face downfall during this transit. You will get support from your siblings and friends. You can plan some trips with your close ones.

REMEDYWorship Lord Ganesha.


Mercury is going to transit in your ninth house. The ninth house is responsible for the father, fate and spirituality. This transit is going to be wonderful for students. You will get the results of your efforts. People who are planning to go abroad for higher studies can get their visas. Your siblings will support you. If you belong to the law field then you will get success. You will be engaged in religious work. There is a huge possibility that you can plan to travel to places where you will be able to learn about their culture. Married couples will experience romantic time together with great bonding and understanding. Overall this is a good transit for Tauras folks.

REMEDYOffer “DURVA” grass to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.


Mercury is going to transit in your eighth house. The eighth house is responsible for obstacles, sudden gains/losses, inheritance and death. People will be attracted to your personality. You will be energetic and charming during this transit. You can have some skin-related issues so should concern your doctor if anything happens. You should eat more green vegetables and maintain a healthy diet. Moreover, Yoga can help you to relax your mind. You are likely to have disputes with your family members. Your dear ones may misjudge you. You will engage yourself to learn occult science. This is a favourable time for the researchers.

REMEDYChant “OM BUM BUDHAYA NAMAH” as much as you can.


Mercury is going to transit in your seventh house. The seventh house is responsible for marriage and partnership. There could be some distance with your partner because of a hectic schedule. Unmarried folks can find their soulmates. Cancerians can plan a trip with their friends and family. This is a great time to use your intellectual and take decisions that will benefit you later. This is a favourable time to make small investments. Business folks will have to face some issues with their managers. People who are into foreign markets will get gains. You will try to gain knowledge during this transit.

REMEDYOffer hibiscus flower to Lord Ganesha.


Mercury is going to transit in your sixth house. The sixth house is responsible for health issues, debt, enemies and competitive exams. You will face a crisis with your family especially with your mother. You are likely to invest in purchasing a property. You will spend a lot during this transit. People who have applied for loans are likely to have them. Leo folks who are into the banking sector will have a wonderful period as you will be able to make new clients. For the market people also, it is a good time. Folks who were waiting to change their jobs can get job proposals. You may have some disputes and arguments with your friends and you are advised to resolve them asap.

REMEDYPlant 5 trees and take responsibility to check up on them properly.


Mercury is going to transit in your fifth house. The fifth house is responsible for education, love affairs, children and the mind. Your wisdom and intelligence are going to benefit you in your career. You will do your tasks with full responsibility. This period is gonna give you happiness through your children. You can invest your time in the study of philosophy. This is a very beneficial time for students. You will be concentrated and focused on your goals. You will enhance your writing skills and that will help you in written exams. People who are struggling to convert their passion into a profession will experience positive changes. Folks who are trying to conceive can get some good news related to that.

REMEDYKeep the bamboo plant at your study table or workplace or home.


Mercury is going to transit in your fourth house. The fourth house is responsible for land, vehicle, house, mother and happiness. You will spend opulently on materialistic things. Your mother will support you but you need to take care of her health as she might fall ill. You are likely to invest in property. It is a good time for people who are into law. Students can go abroad for higher studies. People who are working from home can get an increment. You are likely to plan some vacation with family to have a cheerful time together. Your intelligence will be appreciated by your friends and family.

REMEDYPlant a basil tree.


Mercury is going to transit in your third house. The third house is responsible for hard work, fame and younger siblings. This transit is favourable for the people who are in a mood to change their jobs. Your friends are going to help you professionally as well as personally. You can encounter issues created by office colleagues. You should not give your energy and focus to any non-appreciating comment. You may get a promotion because of your diligent work. Government Employees can get some transfer during this time. This period is also favourable for the people who are planning to shift their place. You can get some illegal source for earning. You are advised not to start any illegal work as that can harm you in long run. You can face some disputes with your siblings. You can get some viral fever so take care of your health.

REMEDYFeed green vegetables to cows.


Mercury is going to transit in your second house. The second house is responsible for money and family. Your communication power will influence people. You will experience a great time with your family. You will be cheerful to them. Your relation with your mother will be strong. Married couples will share a romantic environment. Your partner will be supportive of you during this transit. Unmarried folks can find their soulmates. Business entrepreneurs will be having huge margins during this transit. You will make new good clients and that will give you benefit. Investment is going to benefit you.

REMEDYChant “OM GAN GANPATAYE NAMAH” as much as you can.


Mercury is going to transit in your first house. The fifth house is responsible for individuals and personalities. You will be enthusiastic and optimistic during this transit. You will use your convincing power and public dealing for greater results at your workplace. This is a favourable time for CA and market line people. You will get a chance to make new clients and earn more. You will experience a good relationship with your father. You will be analytical during this transit. You will develop an interest in spirituality. You can have some issues related to insomnia and the neuro system so you are suggested to take good care of yourself and do so yoga and meditation for overall health and fitness. Married folks will have a great time together. You will help your partner professionally also. You may get some parental property.

REMEDYPlant trees and nurture them.


Mercury is going to transit in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is responsible for expenses, hospitals and abroad. This transit is not beneficial for you. You will have to face some issues with your kids. Students folks will have to work hard without expecting good results. You are advised not to eat outside food as you may fall ill. There is a possibility that you will have to face mental stress during this time. You should add meditation to calm your nerves down. It is a great chance to settle abroad for law students. People who are working in MNCs will be honoured at their workplace. You may travel but that won’t be beneficial. You can have arguments with your friends and siblings. Try to control your expenses and have a check on them.

REMEDYWorship Lord Ganesha.


Mercury is going to transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is responsible for the gain, income and elder siblings. This time is quite favourable for the people who are into law. You may get a promotion at your workplace. You will be able to good income during this transit. There is a chance that you can add your income through property. You will work honestly. There will be peace and happiness in your married life. Your partner will support you. There will be a healthy environment in your family and you will be satisfied. People will appreciate your way of talking. This period is favourable for students folks as they will get desirable results.

REMEDYWear green colour clothes.

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