Mesha Sankranti (14 April)

Mesha Sankranti

The New Year emerges every year, much as the celebration of Lunar New Year happens every year. In this day/night period, the sun migrate from Arisnga rashi to Mesha rashi. In various parts of India, this day is recognized by different names and is celebrated with separate ceremonies. Pana Sankranti is a day that represents the New Year in Odisha. It is called “puthandu” in Tamil Nadu and it is observed at the same time as sankranti; in the event that sankranti happens before sunset, so the next day is celebrated instead. If we want to celebrate Solar New Year in Bengali community than it is celebrated on the next day of Sankranti in Poila Baisakh. Also named Makar Sankranti, Mesha Sankranti is celebrated in many parts of India, specifically in some states as Makar Bihu.

Once a year, on all 12 Amavasya, (new moon day) the Sun God is worshipped and citizens make sure that they do some Dhanurthi Kulindi as per status and economic ability. This is part of Hindu spirituality that is a conviction that deeds of seva are the same prayers to the gods. The tenth day of the lunar month, both before and after Sankranti is deemed rather auspicious for all holy pujas and prayers.

Mesha Sankranti 2021 takes effect on April 14 Wednesdays.

We have 2 months and 9 days to go before the case.

The Routines of the Day.

  • On this day, it is deemed right to worship Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Kali.
  • Members of the group go to their respective holy bodies of Ganga, Jamuna, and Indrayana to bathe.
  • Some cultures who observe the 8th day of the month of the lunar wherean have a special drink, which they name Pana, which is drunk by all.
  • It is very important for devotees to hold the poorna poorna poorna poorna poorna muhurath in mind while conducting their practices to reap the rewards of their acts.
  • It is better to spend a day without any unhealthy habits, and guarantee that it is a day, if possible, without any vegetarian food.
  • There should be relevant, enthusiastic and distinct gatherings of all kinds of festivals and traditions, both within and outside of the culture.

Significant occasions to commemorate on Mesha sankranti:-

Sunrise April 14,2021 6:10 in the morning.

Sunset April 14,2021 6:57 PM.

Maha Punya Kaal Muhurta on the 14th of april at 6:10 AM And 8:15 AM.

Sankranti Moment –April 14,2021 2:39 AM

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