Mithun Sankranti, मिथुन संक्रान्ति 2024

Talking about Mithun Sankranti, there are a total of 12 Sankrantis in a year. During this transition, the Sun moves through different zodiac signs and constellations. Donations, charity, bathing, and accruing merits hold immense significance during all these transitions throughout the year. During Mithun Sankranti, a significant change can be observed in the solar system, marking the beginning of the monsoon season. During Mithun Sankranti, the Sun transitions from the Taurus sign to the Mithun sign, causing a shift in the direction of all planets and constellations. This transition caused by the Sun is considered very special in scriptures, hence observing puja on the day of Mithun Sankranti holds great importance. This Sankranti is celebrated differently in various parts of the country.

Mithun Sankranti  (मिथुन संक्रान्ति) by Astrologer K.M. Sinha –

Significance of Mithun Sankranti

☸ Mithun Sankranti holds immense significance. In the Mithun sign, the last two quarters of the Mrigashira Nakshatra, the four quarters of the Ardra Nakshatra, and the initial three quarters of the Punarvasu Nakshatra are present.

☸ Mithun Sankranti holds great importance in states like Odisha. On this day, prayers are offered to the Sun for good crops and rainfall.

☸ The onset of the rainy season begins after Mithun Sankranti.

Let us know by Astrologer K.M.Sinha that Mithun Sankranti is also called Raja Parva

☸ When the Sun transitions from the Taurus sign to the Mithun sign, the direction of all constellations changes.

☸ When the Sun moves from the Krittika Nakshatra to the Rohini Nakshatra, the chances of rainfall increase.

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☸ Fasting on the day of Mithun Sankranti is highly significant to please Lord Surya.

☸ Charity, meritorious acts, and religious deeds are performed to attain spiritual merits.

Significance of Bathing and Charity on Mithun Sankranti

☸ Bathing in a holy river or reservoir is considered highly significant on Mithun Sankranti.

☸ If bathing in a holy river is not feasible, then bathing with water mixed with Ganga water is done, followed by offering water to the Sun.

☸ Offering water to the Sun deity on this Sankranti can bring prosperity, honor in society, high positions, and the blessings of the Sun deity.

Observing Mithun Sankranti

☸ Women of the household prepare for Mithun Sankranti four days in advance. Clay pots are cleaned thoroughly. Women grind spices on the clay pots in advance.

☸ In the first three days of the celebration, women gather together for fun, dancing, and various games.

☸ On the day of Mithun Sankranti, swings are hung on banyan trees, and unmarried women pray for a good match.

☸ In the beginning, women eat home-cooked food but without salt. They also do not wear footwear for three days. On the first day, they apply turmeric and sandalwood paste on their bodies and take a bath without washing their hair. They do not bathe for the rest of the two days of the festival.

The Legend of Mithun Sankranti

According to the legend of Mithun Sankranti, it is said that nature has bestowed all women on this planet with the gift of menstruation, which enables them to attain the happiness of motherhood. Just as women experience menstruation, similarly, Mother Earth, i.e., Bhudevi, also experiences menstruation for three days at the beginning, symbolizing the development of this Earth. Bhudevi remains in menstruation for three days, and on the fourth day, she is bathed. After that, the worship of Mother Earth is performed on the day of Mithun Sankranti.

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Mithun Sankranti Puja Vidhi

☸ On the day of Mithun Sankranti, the Sil Batta is worshiped as the representation of Bhudevi, the Earth goddess, and bathed with milk and water.

☸ After that, sandalwood, vermilion, flowers, and turmeric are applied to the Sil Batta.

☸ In this puja, homage is also paid to the ancestors.

☸ On this day, sweets made from jaggery, coconut, rice flour, and ghee are also prepared.

☸ Besides, it is advised not to consume rice on the day of Makar Sankranti.

☸ Finally, offering incense, lamps, vermilion, sandalwood, fruits, and flowers is done.

Mithun Sankranti Auspicious Timings

Mithun Sankranti: 15th June 2024, Saturday

Punya Kaal: From 05:23 AM to 12:22 PM

Maha Punya Kaal: From 05:23 AM to 07:43 AM