Marriage is one of the most important parts in everyone’s life. They start their new journey and a new face in their lives. According to our World -Famous Astrologer Km Sinha, matchmaking before marriage is important as well as necessary. He is the Best Astrologer In Gorakhpur and offers Online Astrology Course In India to spread the knowledge and deep science of astrology so that people can get out of the useless superstitions. Matchmaking is a vast topic and there are many aspects of it. Checking nadi is one of them. Every person comes from the category of some or other Nadi. 24 gunas are to be matched out of 36 gunas in which 8 receives from the nadi koota. It is believed in Vedic astrology that the husband and wife should have different nadis from each other. This is necessary for a happy and prosperous married life. But when they are nadis match, it is considered as nadi dosh. This dosh impacts negatively on their marriage. Their offsprings will be physically and mentally weak or there are strong chances that they will have no kids. To avoid any disharmony and arguments in the marriage, one should go for proper matchmaking and if there is any dosh, they should do the remedies of it.


  1. Perform Nadi Dosha nivaran puja.
  2. Chant mahamrityunjya mantra for a fixed number of times.
  3. Donate food and clothes to poor or brahmins.
  4. Use appropriate gemstone as per your chart.


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