The Ninth House In Vedic Astrology

ninth house in vedic astrology

Faith, wisdom, luck, meditation, travel and divine worship are some important aspects of the ninth house in Vedic astrology. An auspicious house, it is also known as Dharma Bhava.

Reflecting the fortune of deeds performed in the previous and present life and get the benefit from those deeds. These individuals would be inclined towards philosophical and religious matters, possessing an orthodox approach but with a kind heart.

The ninth house also represents the individual’s relationship with their father, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law. The kind of impact long distance travels and explorations would also be determined by this house.

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that represents the ninth house. Back of thighs and buttocks are the body parts associated with this house.

Effects of 9 Planets in the Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

Sun- A visionary and spiritual individual with a thirst for knowledge would share a warm and cordial relationship with their near and dear ones. Possessing an influential sense of aura, these individuals would travel to far distant places in search of attaining more knowledge. Unable to achieve their desires, such individuals sometimes become restless and inflexible towards the opinions of others.

Moon- With a great sense of imagination these individuals like to travel far away places. When the moon is placed in the ninth house, individuals possess a curious nature and are unable to maintain stability in their thoughts and ideas. These people are keen on learning new cultural skills and are quickly able to pick up new languages.

Mars- These individuals possess a dominating personality with a blend of a charming persona. Mars positioned in the ninth house, makes the individual fearless with a bend towards philosophical aspects. Their adaptability to the surrounding nature and fearless attitude makes them stand out in the crowd. Rigid in their beliefs they can sometimes disrespect other’s values and opinions.

Mercury- Blessed with writing, singing and business skills, individuals with mercury in the ninth house would perform their duties in a well-planned manner and achieve success and wealth through it. Traveling for attaining knowledge, learning and exchanging ideas and philosophies with other people are some attributes of these individuals.

Jupiter-  Blessed with great wisdom, individuals with Jupiter in the ninth house according to their birth charts are true humanitarians. Gaining knowledge through traveling and creating an aura among their natives is the persona of such individuals. Such individuals might be quite rigid and unaccommodating about their spiritual and religious beliefs.

Venus- Possessing a religious and philosophical approach towards life, individuals with Venus placed in the ninth house according to the birth chart are very artistic, adventurous and possess a very charming personality. Individuals would be interested in traveling to religious places.

Saturn- A respectable individual in the society with an inclination towards religion and philosophical ideas are very generous and possess a pure heart. They are sometimes orthodox and stubborn towards their approach.

Rahu- When Rahu is placed in the ninth house, it is considered to be inauspicious as they often misuse their knowledge to attain recognition. 

Ketu- Individuals with Ketu in the ninth house would be blessed with name, fame, and fortune. But this placement could cause trouble for the individual’s relationship with their father.

These are some important things about the ninth house in Vedic astrology.

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