Holi (29 March)

When is Holi on the twenty-first of April, 2021? Celebr Why is it celebrated? Holi occurs on the full moon Phagun month. It’s also known as the Coming Forth by Springtime, as it is a sign of the start of spring What is the next time of the celebration of the festival of colours? How […]

Holika Dahan(28 March)

Holika Dahan’s Exact and Holy Period is…28 March Holika Dahan: 18:37-20:56 2 hours 20 minutes. 10:13 to 11:16. Lunch is from 11:16-13:00. Holi or Holika Dahan takes place at night before the big day of Holi. After Holika Dahan night, the next day, key festivities of Holi commence. Kids use water weapons and water balloons […]

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