When the no moon day, or Amavasya, falls in the Hindu calendar month of Paush, that Amavasya is known as Paush Amavasya. It is considered an unlucky day because negative energies and bad powers are extremely powerful than on other days.

Paush Amavasya is thought to be particularly suitable for performing Shradh and Tarpan for The ancestors. It is a day when dark magic is practised with greater vigour. The tenth month, Paush, also known as Pushya maas, is extremely important for worshipping gods and performing rituals for deceased ancestors. Additionally, on this day, many people fast for the entire day. In Hindu mythology, the Purnima and Amavasya tithi is extremely important. The Paush Amavasya is one of the most significant Amavasya, according to the Hindu calendar. According to Hindu Panchang, Paush Amavasya occurs on the last day of Paush month’s Krishna Paksha. Both religiously and astronomically, this date is significant. Donations and holy baths have always been considered important elements of the day. In ancient literature, the significance of this day was emphasised. Paush Amavasya is also known as Pitru Diwas. On this day, the Paush month comes to a finish, and numerous Shradh karma and rituals are performed. It is also thought that on this day, one should refrain from harmful deeds and negative thoughts.




According to astrology, Paush Amavasya is thought to be one of the most important Amavasya. The tithi is also thought to be the most suitable for religious and spiritual MEDITATION and peacify. The sun and the moon are believed to be in the same zodiac on that particular day, according to astrology. Pausha is regarded as both the most auspicious and the most inauspicious month. According to Hindu mythology and scriptures, worshipping Dhana Lakshmi and Dhanya Lakshmi, the two forms of Goddess Lakshmi, on the eve of Paush Amavasya is auspicious to get their heavenly blessings, abundance, and fortune. Devotees can reduce the negative impacts of planets Ketu, Rahu, Shani, and Jupiter by donating clothes and food or doing the Ann and Vastra Daan on the specific day of Paush Amavasya.

On Paush Amavasya, those who are under the Antardasha or Mahadasha of these planets can gain blessings by donating and doing charity. Doing charity during these days can make ease for the natives.




Several rituals are performed on Paush Amavasya including puja, prayers, donations, etc.

By conducting numerous pujas on Paush Amavasya, one can get rid of dangerous diseases and recover from a variety of serious health issues.

To avoid an early death, people do rituals and pujas.

It aids in the improvement of prosperity and family stability, as well as the promotion of the business.

Individuals receive the blessings of the dead ancestors as well as the deities by

completing rituals and fasting on this day.




Date: 23 December 2022

Tithi: Amavasya up to 24:04

Nakshatra: Mula upto 25:05
Yoga: Ganda upto 13:36
First Karana: Naga upto 15:44
Second Karana: Kinstughna upto 25:56
Day: Friday




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