Puja Muhurat, Rituals and Kuber Puja, Dhanteras 2021 Date

Dhanteras is Diwali’s first five-day day. Two Hindi terms ‘Dhan’ & ‘teras’ are derived. Dhan signifies richness, while Teras equals 13. On the thirteenth day of the month of Kartik Dhanteras are observed. Dhanteras is also known to be “Trayodashi Dhanvantari” or “Dhantrayodashi.” Dhanteras is very enthusiastically celebrated in India. Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi are also adorated on this day.

2021 Muhurat and Dhanteras Date

In 2021, on Tuesday 2 November, Dhanteras is being celebrated. In the Hindu month of Kartik, it is the fortunate 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha.

Puja Muhurat dhanteras: from 18:17 to 18:11.

01 hour and 55 minutes

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 Yama Deepam

It is also thought that Goddess Laxmi would always stay in your home when she’s made in sthirlagna (that implies a fixed lagna) from PradoshKaal. 07:36 PM to 8:13 PM Pradosh Kaal

Lakshmi Pujas should be carried out during the Pradosh Kaal period, which begins after sunset and lasts 2 and 36 minutes approximately.

Tithi begins at Trayodashi – 11:31 AM on 2 November, 2021; and Tithi ends at Trayodashi – at 09:02 AM on 3 November 2021.

Remark: Muhurat may vary depending on your region. You may visit Di to discover the exact puja muhurat for your place.

Dhantera legends legends

Per the fourth day of his marriage on the astrological prophecies, once a sixteen year-old son of King Hima was destined to die by snake biting. His young bride did not allow him to sleep on that specific fourth day of his marriage. In a large heap at the door to her husband’s chamber and lit several lightning lights, she lay all the jewellery and plenty of gold and silver money. She told her husband stories all night long and sang songs.

When Yama, the deity of death, came to him in the form of a Snake, the brightening lights dazzled his sight and couldn’t come inside the hall of the Kings. Then he climbed over the mound and sat there listening to the lovely melodies throughout the night. He softly departed in the morning. Through the clutches of death, the young woman saved her spouse. Since then the Dhanteras, that is to say the 14th day of Kartik’s month, arrived to the day of Yama deepdaan. The entire night of Chaturdashi glorified Yama, the God of Death, is blazing with an earthen light. On Dhanteras Day, too, the Yama Deep is lit up.

Another tale says that the goddess and the demons emerged from the sea bearing the jug of Amrit this day after the Samudra Manthan was done by Goddess Dhanvantari. This is why Dhanteras is also known as the Jayanti Dhanvantari. On this day, 13 times the capacity of the acquired pot / utensil God offers His gifts of good health & riches.

Puja Vidhi Dhanteras and rituals

Lakshmi puja dhanters

Diwali is a lighting celebration that starts on Dhanteras’ splendid day. It is commemorated with complete faith and excitement across the country. People are beginning to decorate their homes, their offices with Rangoli, lights, etc. to welcome the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. Small footprints are painted with rice flour and vermilion powder on the homes, indicating her long-awaited arrival.

This day at the house’s main entrance, a Chaumukhi Diya (a Diya square with four mouths) was lit. The Puja diya is done with Kumkum (jaggery), Seeds of Coriander, Rice, Moong Daal (split green gramme), one Kodi (shell) with one hole, full (a type of rice), Patasha & Coin are laid inside the Diya before lighting up in the evening.

The Kodi (shell) is stored the next day in the cash box or in the residence. It is claimed that untimely death can be averted by burning this Diya that is Yama Deep. The SubhLabh will now be inscribed on both sides outside the door of the dwelling. Ram Ram is also written by several individuals.

There is a custom on that day to buy silver or gilded coins, utensils and even silver idols from Lakshmi Ganesha. They also buy gems, steel kitchenware.

Kuber Puja Dhanters

Kuber is honoured on this day, the God of riches.

You can have a Shri Kuber statue or set up a joystick or joystick to worship.

Give the Almighty flowers, Diya and sweets

Adoring the Mantra to him:

for you


Garuda–Ratna–Nibham Nidhi–Naykam।



Om Shri KuberayaNamha।

AnenPujanen Shri Dhanadhyaksha-Shri Kuber Preeyatam।


Shri Shri Dhanadhyaksha-Shri Kuber Preeyatam Shri Kuber Preeyatam


Facts of interest about Dhanteras

Buy Dhanteras silver and gold things: it is the best moment, on this day as a symbol of good luck, to purchase the gold or silver stuff such as Laxmi Ganesha Idol, Kalush, Diya, utensil, jewellery and coins, and “Dhan” comes into our house.

The best time to start new companies: the Dhanteras Festival is also the perfect time to establish up enterprises, to begin new initiatives, to celebrate home heating, and to buy automobiles.

Yama deepdan: On this day, at the house’s main entrance a Chaumukhi Diya (a four mouth square) is being lighted up. It is claimed that untimely death can be averted by burning this Diya that is Yama Deep.

Farm animals’ pujas: in rural, farmers decorate and worship livestock as the major source of revenue.

In the current environment, Dhanteras is the largest seller of gold and silver decoration in India. Silver sales are quite popular.


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