Q1. What is panch mahapurush yoga?

Panch mahapurush yoga includes 5 powerful yogas that are present in one’s chart. Being the Best Astrologer In Delhi NCR, KM Sinha keeps on sharing with people what this Yoga is all about. He is a Famous Vastu Consultant and also provides Astrology Courses In India. Many astrology seekers know little about it and want to grab more knowledge of it.

5 types of Panch mahapurush yoga are Ruchak Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Hans Yoga, Malavya Yoga and Sasa Yoga. Now let us know about these yogas in detail.


  1. Ruchak Yoga – This yoga is formed when Mars is present in its sign( Aries/ Scorpio) or present in its exalted sign(Capricorn). The native will be extremely energetic, bold, courageous, independent and commanding. He will have a strong physique. The person gets popularity when the Ruchak Yoga is being formed in their chart.


  1. Bhadra Yoga – This yoga is formed when Mercury is present in its sign(Mercury/ Virgo) or present in its exalted sign(Mercury). The native will be intelligent, wise, sharp and patient. These people are research-oriented and good communicators. They have the magic to influence others with their words.


  1. Hans Yoga – This yoga is formed when Jupiter is present in its sign(Sagittarius/ Pisces) or present in its exalted sign(Cancer). The native will be full of knowledge and wisdom. He can be a good spiritual coach and a preacher.


  1. Malavya Yoga – This yoga is formed when Venus is present in its sign(Taurus/ Libra) or present in its exalted sign(Pisces). The native will be fond of luxurious things. He will be brand conscious. These people live their life with all the comfort and luxury.
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  1. Sasa Yoga – This yoga is formed when Saturn is present in its sign(Capricorn/ Aquarius) or present in its exalted sign(Libra). The native will be a justice lover and loyal. These people can do wonders in the field of law and medicine.


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