Ram Navami (21 April)

When We Celebrate Ram Navami…………

21st of April, 2021, Wednesday.

Rama Navami celebrations were held on the 9th day of the month of Chaitra (the first month in the Hindu lunar calendar). It is an occasion to celebrate Chaitra (Spring) Navratri, the prelude to Chaitra Krishna Paksha (Janmashtami).

What is Hindu’s Rama Navami?

It is a very common festival in the name of Lord Rama, the son of King Dashrath. He is considered and is the emblem of justice and is the embodiment of Lord Rama. The festival commemorates Lord Rama’s arrival on earth as a baby in Sukul Paksh on the ninth day after the new moon.

Devotees who worship at the temples on the day of Rama Navami (a Parsi holy holiday) sing bhajans about Rama and bring pictures of him in a cradle to commemorate the birth of Rama on his birthday. Another literary work written in old Hindi is the story from the poem, The Tale of Tulsi Ramayana.

Celebrate Rama Navami :- What is Rama?

The festival of Rama Navami is to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra. In the Ramayana saga, it is recorded that Ram Navami occurred, especially in the Ramayana, considered one of the Hindu religion’s two great epics. The Ramayana novel, Ram Navami, is also named Vratha Katha. Published by Rishi Vashishth, the Putra Kamesti Yagna describes that when all the wives of King Dashratha climaxed with them, none of the women was able to give their husband an heir. However, Rishi Vashishth proposed a new rite, which was to be carried out by King Dashratha.

After the festival of Yagna, three queens from the Pandavas, who had performed yajna, were offered its food as a souvenir. As soon as the queen took piece of milk after consuming the fruit, the queen gave birth a child on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra, Rama was born. Shruti and Ashutosh gave birth to Rama and Bharat (Lakshmana, an embodiment of Rama.

Since his royal father reached a joint understanding with his step-mother, Rama did not struggle over what he claimed was rightly his until he had twelve years of age. While this emperor had been banished for 14 years, to make up for it, he lead the empire throughout the era of greatness.

Because of this, the people of India, can be observed celebrating this holiday rapidly in the reverence of Lord Rama, who is the seventh embodiment of Lord Vishnu. When Rama was grown, in a war against Ravana, he conquered him and his army, and this helped make people realize his spiritual position.

The citizens began celebrating his birthday every year when Rama became the Monarch, as he was a wonderful ruler. It has been since the Festival of Ram Navami is over celebrating.

On what day is Ram Navami celebrated?

On the day of Ram Navami, people in India are taken to a wide public festival of parades, songs, and dances. In both temples and houses, various faith sects may be aligned together.

The events conducted every night have the aim of reminding people how wonderful Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are. The Ramayana Katha will also convert temples to Hinduism. This curriculum will show you how to chant the Ramayana or recite its details.

People even sweep their households, decorate their rooms, and put up pictures to fall in love with Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman, and Lakshman. During the Puja, an unbreakable white cloth, ginger, a distaff and pestle, a lotus herb, and a plate of rice was packed together into a pyre with a lamp and were illuminated by priests.

On this day of the month of January, the marriage of Kalyana Nakshatram, or Sita and Rama’s little idols, is held in South India GudiPadwa starts as a Vaishakha Navaratri in which the ninth day is regarded as Vasanthothsava. “This day”s three major aspects are the celebration of Lord Ram and Sita’s wedding as well as the reception of the independence of Lanka. An important aspect of this celebration is the color and water used for ceremonies for each other.

They revered Shree Rama with their brothers and wives and offers were offered. Rama’s idols and Sita are kept in the center and people sat around it and pray in partiall selection groups. In the shrines of ISKCON, this festival is considered to have a number of festivities. As the entire weekend celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, the Swaminarayan birth anniversary is scheduled to be observed this week.

Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh and Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu are the places where the Rama Navami festival takes root. There have also been other festivals that take place near the sites. In certain parts of India, there is a practice of doing a pot of gold, which is colored yellow or red, and putting it on top of a bit of a tree and making a small group go and claim it as a prize for winning a battle.

As important to them as food historically is in these acts, so is just as also, food in Ram Navami. In certain areas of India, such foods are given to Lord Rama as a gift from the Gods. For anything like a wedding, a special custom is to plan these conventional offerings with a humble modesty on that particular day. Before we eat ourselves, the offering that we are offering to God is called nivedyam.

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