Republic Day

Regardless of whether this day falls on a Sunday, every year on this day, the national flag is hoisted right
in front of every house, and the firing of a loud cannon is heard throughout the streets, along with a live
show of many military and paramilitary forces, a live performance of traditional dances, and an
exhibition of many tableaux.

Though India will be celebrated on Republic Day this year, the coronavirus will present a little bit of an
issue. Earlier, in November of 2015, Prime Minister Modi invited United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister
David Cameron to be the chief guest at India’s valedictory 72nd Republic Day but after a sudden
outbreak of the new coronavirus strain, he decided to cancel his trip.

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Following this, the Ministry of External Affairs indicated that there would not be an external Head of
State or Head of Government as the Chief Guest for the Republic Day event, because of the global
COUVID-19 situation. Its calendar year will be the fourth time in history when it celebrates its Republic
Day without an official head of state as its chief guest. The last time it had happened was in 1954. Also,
yes there was an occasion in 1951 that it had happened.

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