Saturn in astrology, Which dates have it’s special blessings?

In Hindu astrology, Saturn derives its name from its slow-moving nature; “Shani” means “one who moves slowly.” It takes approximately 2.5 years to traverse a single zodiac sign due to its vast distance from Earth. Saturn, the son of Surya Dev and Chaya, has a complex relationship with his father, the sun, and is characterized as a cold and dry planet owing to its distance from the sun. Associated with old age, Saturn is often viewed as malefic in astrology, bringing hardship and adversity when unfavorably placed. However, when positioned well in a benefic house, Saturn can bestow prosperity and blessings upon individuals. Conversely, adverse conditions under Saturn’s influence can lead to pain and misery. Saturn’s strength is particularly emphasized when placed in the 7th house.

Regarded as a strict teacher, Saturn imparts lessons that are challenging to overcome, testing one’s diligence and dedication. Only those who exhibit strength, perseverance, and reliability can navigate Saturn’s trials successfully. Additionally, Saturn serves as a deity of justice, punishing those who deviate from the path of righteousness and attract negativity. In astrology, Saturn governs the skeletal system, and its malefic effects may manifest as lifelong bone ailments. The number 8 is closely associated with Saturn in astrological symbolism.

Shani Dev: Saturn is considered the deity of justice in Hindu mythology, often instilling fear in many. However, Shani Dev doesn’t trouble or punish individuals without reason. Today, we’ll discuss the auspicious influence of Shani Dev on those born on three specific dates. People born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th always have the presence of Shani Dev. This is because the number 8 is dear to Shani Dev. According to numerology, it can be determined if Shani Dev favors individuals based on their birth dates. When the digits of the date add up to 8, such as 1 and 7 or 2 and 6 totaling 8, these dates are considered auspicious for Shani Dev. Hence, Shani Dev showers special blessings on individuals born on these three dates.

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The ruling deity of the number 8 is Shani Dev, hence it’s also known as Shani’s number. People associated with this number tend to believe more in their actions than in destiny. Shani Dev rewards individuals based on their deeds, hence these individuals receive special blessings from Shani Dev.

What is the nature of those with the root number 8?

Those with the number 8 root never face financial difficulties and lead prosperous lives.

It can be said that individuals born under this number witness significant progress in their lives around the age of 30.

They tend to have elevated thoughts.

Living a simple life brings them contentment.

They prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves.