Things to Know About Second House in Vedic Astrology

Things to Know About Second House in Vedic Astrology 1

What is the Second House in Vedic Astrology?

Also known as Maraka house or Dhana Bhava, the second house in Vedic astrology signifies two important possession i.e. family and wealth. This signifies that this house plays not only an important role in defining the financial circumstances but also relates to a person’s feelings, emotions and family bonding.

Rather than the first house, the second house is most significantly influenced by the Venus planet which gives an insight of a person’s facial features like eyes, nose, mouth, neck, teeth. This house also helps in understanding the communication qualities of a person.

Different planetary positions in the Second house

The position of different planets in the second house according to birth chart indicates the different qualities and abilities of a person.

Sun– When the Sun is situated in the second house, it indicates a person’s attraction towards material things and being self-centered

Moon- The moon in the second house indicates, excellent communication skills and also maintains a good relationship with family and friends although due to the moon in the second house may cause financial instability. 

Mars- Mars in the second place, indicates an aggressive and possessive nature. People with  Mars in the second house, will not be so good looking and can incur the loss of wealth.

Mercury- A combination of both intelligence and spirituality can be seen in people who have mercury placed in their second house. They are very influential and tend to leave their mark on people.

Jupiter- A business-minded person with financial stability and leads a satisfactory living.

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Venus- Inclined towards art and music, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle but might face difficulties in married life.

Rahu-  Rahu in the second house indicates, that a person would not be true to their words, might face disease related to throat and might also suffer financial problems.

Ketu- Possess a crude way of talking, due to which many a time they are misunderstood. Though they have a good income but are never satisfied.

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