The Position Of 9 Planets In Seventh House In Vedic Astrology

seventh house in vedic astrology

The seventh house also is known as Kalarta Bhava in  Vedic astrology represents the significance of partnerships in one’s life, especially relating to marital life and spouse.

It all about emotional desires, physical desires, possessiveness, and understanding level between the life partners. It also signifies the ability to have children and has a great impact on married life. So the seventh house in Vedic Astrology directly influences happiness or lack of it in a substantial manner.

  As the core of the seventh house is a partnership, a sense of understanding and cooperation to maintain cordial relationships is required.

Success or failure in partnership whether on the personal or professional front all depends on this house. The ruling planet of this house is Libra. The body parts kidney and lower back are influenced by the seventh house. 

Position of different planets in the seventh house in Vedic Astrology

Sun-  Individuals born with the sun positioned in the seventh house possess great potential but they need the support of their business partners or spouses to fulfill their dreams. Individuals find difficulty in dealing with conflicts, are very indecisive in their thoughts and can face difficulties in married life.

Moon- Individuals with moon placed in the seventh house according to their birth chart are blessed with life partners who are very gentle, compassionate and supportive towards their partners. These individuals enjoy a blissful life and depend on their partner’s fir both emotional and professional support.

Mars- Considered as inauspicious, the position of Mars in the seventh house is also known as Mangalik Dosha. Lack of peace and an environment of conflicts and quarrels leading to unfavorable marital life are impacted by the position of Mars in this house.

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Mercury- When mercury is placed in the seventh house, it implies that individuals would maintain a great relationship with their in-laws, spouse and business partners. They possess a practical approach to life and lead a blissful and happy life.

Jupiter- Blessed with a beautiful spouse, the individual would be caring and generous in nature. A true humanitarian with a flexible attitude, individuals with mercury in the seventh house, believe in nurturing and maintaining their relationships like a treasure.

Venus- A natural significator of the seventh house, Venus it implies that the individual would be lucky and truly devoted towards their relationships. These individuals would be inclined towards music and literature. Hasty in making decisions, they might suffer from anxiety problems.

Saturn-  When Saturn is positioned in the seventh house, according to the birth chart, the individuals are likely to marry a partner older to them. This could be due to delays in marriage and the need for emotional support. When faced with difficulties, these individuals tend to overcome their problems and grow out to be stronger people.

Rahu- Rahu, when positioned in the seventh house, is believed to be inauspicious and play a negative impact on the individual’s life. Loyalty and a sense of understanding would be missing in them and can cause difficulties in maintaining a harmonious relationship with their spouse.

Ketu- Problems on the marital life would be caused due to the nature of the spouse. Misunderstanding, arguments and marital discord might even hamper the individual’s health.

These are the effects of planets in the seventh house in Vedic astrology.

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