Sharad Navratri 2021

Navratri is celebrated across India with varied meanings every year for nine days. The figure of the goddess Durga, who is identified with the cosmic energy of Shakti, is considered to be important to the preservation of South Asian culture. During the year, Sharad Navratri is considered the most important of the five Navratras, such as Chaitra, Aashad, Ashwin, Paush, and Magh. The two specific holidays are Gupt Navratri and Ramnavmi.

There is a month-long festival held in September and October in India called Sharad Navratri. In the state of Gujrat, the Navratri festival is extensively celebrated, often with passion. The nine forms of Durga are celebrated throughout the 9-day Navratri festival. Goddess Durga manifests several personal virtues, and her worship is regarded as a means to attain both material and spiritual prosperity.

Traditional cultural practises are significant to national identity.

When Navratri begins on the first day of the brilliant half of the lunar month, Ashwin, it finishes on the tenth day of the dark half of the lunar month, Chaitra. In order to honour Maa Durga and her spiritual figurehead, Durga, Sharad Navratri is celebrated throughout northern and eastern India with great passion and devotion. It is the tenth day of the lunar month (viJayadashami/Dussehra) which is commonly referred to as “VIJAYADASHAMI” or “DUSSEHRA.” For Sharad Navratri, the Ashwin month is said to represent the start of winter, whereas the Sharad month (in other words, the month before the actual winter season) is a little later in time.

People from towns and villages gather together during the nine-day celebration of Navratri to perform their household or religious worship of Durga, a prominent incarnation of the Goddess. Each day of the nine-day Navratri celebration is marked by sacred music: Bhajans (religious songs) are sung on all nine days, and over the nine days, the chants of Sanskrit mantras are also sung.

Mythological Significance

According to the storey, Lord Ram sought to overcome Demon King Lord Raavan and slay him by putting his faith in the Divine force. He heralded the triumphant good message of Good Over Evil.

Sharad Navratri is celebrated for nine days, during which there are several celebrations.

Day 1-The first day, Durga Puja: Maa Shailputri is a manifestation of Durga, the planet’s moon. If you worship her, you’ll neutralise any negative influences.

Day2-The astrological planet Mars, being under the supervision of Maa Brahmacharini, is susceptible to damage and it is recommended to use an immaculate heart to worship it.

Day 3 – Maa Chandraghanta Puja – Maa Chandraghata rules over the planet Venus and bestows bravery and boldness.

On Day 4, the celebration of Maa Kushmanda symbolises the planet Sun, and all harmful consequences are removed in the future.

On day 5, we’ll do a special puja to Maa Skandamata, who is a benevolent planet Mercury.

On day 6, Maa Katyayani governs the planet Jupiter. Her fans praise her for inspiring strength and confidence.

On day 7, Maa Kaalratri Puja: On the final day of the festival, Maa Kaalratri dominates the Saturn planet and embodies valour.

On day 8, the Mahagauri pujas will be celebrated in which Maa Mahagauri is recognised as the divine controller of the Rahu planet and snares of the cosmic world are annulled.

On Day 9, the Maa Siddhidatri Puja — Goddess Maa Siddhidatri — controls Ketu and provides knowledge and insight.

During Navratri, the importance of colours becomes apparent

It’s also important to note that each Navratri is tied to a different hue. These are the Navratri colours. The event is said to bring good luck if you wear the selected colour during Navratri.

      • Pratipada – Yellow
      • Dwitiya – Green
      • “Tritiya” means “Grey”
      • orange over the month of Chaturthi
      • Festival of light: Panchami
      • Shashthi: a pinkish red
      • Saptami- Royal Blue
      • Ashtami– Pink
      • it is navmi (purple)

Navratri 2021 starts on October 07, Thursday and will end with Vijaya Dasami celebration on October 15, Friday

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