Fascinating Things About Sixth House In Vedic Astrology

sixth house in vedic astrology

 Health and physiological issues relating to an individual’s life are indicated in the sixth house. Also known as the house of health in Vedic astrology, the sixth house in Vedic astrology determines the health healing capabilities of an individual.

It also reflects a person’s capabilities to deal with debt, litigations, and enemies. The type of food we eat and the effects of it are also reflected by this house, as the intestine is the body part associated with the sixth house.

A house that indicates a competitive attitude, sacrificing small happiness for greater gains and performing menial tasks are some characteristics of the sixth house.

Position of different planets in the sixth house

Sun- According to an individual’s birth chart when the sun is positioned in the sixth house it signifies a truly determined person with a perfectionist attitude who would work hard to achieve his goals. Due to the presence of sun in the sixth house, the individuals might perceive to be dominating but they would earn respect and fame in their work field.

Moon-  It signifies ailments relating to the stomach. Very productive and efficient in working, individuals with the moon in the sixth house are very understanding and helpful. Restlessness and anxiety might be caused due to their passion for achieving work targets.

Mars- Aggressive and not adjusting in nature, individuals with Mars in the sixth house would like to rule over their inferiors. They possess a great sense of energy and sincerity to do their work but are often dislike people and have conflicts with people who do not perform their work with the same energy and zeal as them.

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Mercury- Mercury when placed in the sixth house, signifies that the individual will have a calm and composed nature. These individuals would be very serious towards their work which might cause them health issues.

Jupiter- Very helpful and understanding in nature, possessing a spiritual and philosophical inclination are some traits of individuals when Jupiter is placed in the sixth house according to their birth charts.

Venus- Possessing a gentle and subtle attitude towards everyone, these individuals earn recognition for their humanitarian nature. Will lead a happy life both in personal and professional front.

Saturn- Saturn is the sixth house that would bring success in matters of litigation and will suffer from health issues relating to the stomach.

Rahu- Rahu in the sixth place gives the individuals the power to win over their enemies. Calm and fun-loving, these individuals would lead a happy and satisfying life.

Ketu- A healthy body, alert mind and pleasant nature of forgiving and forgetting are some traits of individuals when Ketu is placed in the sixth house. 

These are some fascinating things about the sixth house in Vedic Astrology.

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