Solar Eclipse – 21 June 2020

  1. Solar Eclipse – 21 June 2020

  2. An annular solar eclipse will be going to occur on June 21, 2020. It will be visible in the North India parts of the country only. Moreover, it be visible from 9:15 am to 3.04 am. One could witness full eclipse from 10.17 am to 2.02 pm and where else 12.10 pm will witness maximum eclipse at 2:41:19. Thus, it will happen at 0-degree cancer 21’, punarvasu nakshatra. Though a solar eclipse occurs twice every year, while each eclipse is visible in some part of the country only. When the Moon passes through the Earth and the Sun, A solar eclipse happens and thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. Therefore, an annual solar eclipse happens when the Moon’s diameter becomes smaller than the Sun’s. And starts blocking majority of the Sun’s light and makes the Sun to look like a ring. An annual eclipse looks like a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth on a thousand of kilometers wide region.

    Effects of Solar Eclipse

    Majority of the astrologers has made all kinds of possible predictions regarding the eclipse. These predictions have made man terrible about the disastrous effects of the eclipse on the natives and the country. Though, there are some negative effects of the solar eclipse but it not at all a disaster. Individuals don’t need to worry as there is nothing going to be happened to India or to the world.

    What to do and what not to do during solar eclipse

    What to do:

    Therefore, according to the Hindu religion the eclipse time is con
    .0 d as a great time for pooja and mantra Jaap or stotra paath. It’s a best time to worship God. Thus, any kind of worship done in this period yields much more results than compared to normal days. Try to do charity.

    What not to do:

    Don’t look at the sky directly, avoid travelling or making any business deals. Pregnant ladies are specially advised to avoid getting exposed to the eclipse rays. Even don’t cook or eat and drink during the eclipse time.

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